Spirit Airlines Says "Check Out The Oil On Our Beaches"

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When Spirit Airlines last graced the pages of TreeHugger it was during the election, when they advertised: "We believe in offshore drilling and other plans that will help keep fares low for you" with a well-formed tush in the foreground (below the fold). Now the Consumerist shows us their new campaign, "Check Out The Oil On Our Beaches" , complete with BP (Best Protection) sunscreen.

OOPS, UPDATE: They have pulled it and apologized.

They have issued a press release saying:

It is unfortunate that some have misunderstood our intention with today's beach promotion. We are merely addressing the false perception that we have oil on our beaches, and we are encouraging customers to support Florida and our other beach destinations by continuing to travel to these vacation hot spots.

Coming just days after the conclusion of a strike that stranded thousands, nobody thinks what they are very funny right now.

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