Solar Impulse team doing Q&A on Reddit

Solar Impulse
© Solar Impulse / Jean Revillard

Flying across the USA in a solar plane

We've written about the Solar Impulse solar plane a few times. It's not only a great feat of engineering, but it's also a project that follows in the footsteps of a long tradition of pioneers and explorers who attempted things that nobody else had done before.

The current challenge: From May to July, Solar Impulse will cross the United States without using a single drop of fuel. The crossing will happen in several stages: it will take off from San Francisco and stop in four US cities, including Washington DC, before reaching its final destination: New York City.

To discuss the project and answer people's questions, the Solar Impuse team is doing a Q&A on Reddit (proof). Check it out: Solar Impulse Ask Me Anything.

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