Solar Impulse bathroom mystery solved

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Solar Impulse flies very slowly – it took the solar-powered airplane more than 18 hours to travel 650 miles from the Bay Area to Phoenix – and the cockpit is so small, the pilot can’t ever get up from his seat. Which raises the delicate question of how certain human functions are addressed while in flight.

We have the answer.

In a video released yesterday by the Swiss team, the “How do they go to the toilet?” mystery was solved. (As was the mystery: Do the Swiss have a sense of humor?)

Now, one thing you might be thinking is, OK, that water bottle takes one type of excretion. But what about, you know, number two action?

Well, Solar Impulse says that's an eventuality the pilot, be it André Borschberg or Bertrand Piccard, takes action to prevent from ever becoming an issue: “During long journeys, pilots prepare by eating a diet low in fiber so that the plastic water bottle will be sufficient," the team said. "The second airplane under development will have a more advanced solution to support longer flights.”

Solar Impulse bathroom mystery solved
The flights stretch on for 18 hours or more. So what does the Solar Impulse pilot do when he has to, you know, go?

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