Man Busted Trying to Get 247 Snakes & Other Animals on a Plane

The movie "Snakes on a Plane" reportedly featured more than 450 snakes. A Czech national was more than half way there, when he tried to sneak 247 live animals onto a transatlantic flight at Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires, including poisonous venomous snakes and endangered reptiles packed into a suitcase.

photo animation of man caught with 247 snakes and other animals argentina flightVia YouTube/Video screen capture
What was he thinking?! The man, Karel Abelovsky, 51, was caught earlier this month by X-ray techs and staff at the Iberia Airlines desk who noticed "organic substances moving inside" his bag, according to the Environmental News Network.

The man was allegedly carrying 247 animals packed in clear plastic containers, bags and socks --- including nine species of poisonous snakes like South American pit vipers.

This guy could have been featured on a segment of Animal Planet's "Fatal Attractions." There don't seem to be any photos floating around of the find, but the International Business Times featured a pretty wonderful animation of how it went down.

Other critters catalogued include yarara snakes, boas, coral snakes, lizards, spiders and even mollusks. Not only was there a chance of these snakes escaping while the plane was in flight (ask Samuel L. Jackson), but some of them would probably have died due to a lack of oxygen in the plane's cargo area, officials say. Two of the animals were dead when airport officials intervened.

The animals were taken to a zoo, some weak from stress and not expected to survive. The man was taken into custody and faces 10 years in prison for attempted smuggling, according to USA Today. Officials believe he was part of an exotic animal smuggling ring.

Man Busted Trying to Get 247 Snakes & Other Animals on a Plane
Smuggling imitates "art," if you consider "Snakes on a Plane" to be art.