Should air shows be banned? (Survey)

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CC BY 2.0 Lloyd Alter

After the recent air show crash in Dayton, Ohio, Bike activist James Schwartz tweeted:

I used to love shows; that's my son up top in his best airplane finery at the Hamilton Air Show a while back. The noise, the speed, the smell, the excitement, the technology, the history, such thrilling fun.

On the other hand, there is the noise, the speed, the smell, the pollution, the waste of fuel and the deaths like the ones this week in Dayton, all, as James notes, for entertainment. A few years ago Toronto Star columnist Joe Fiorito wrote of the annual Toronto Air Show:

I say we kill the air show. It is a waste of fuel. It is a dim and dangerous spectacle. It is a risk to human lifeā€¦The air show is not just a display of the vulgarity of speed, it is a pornographic illustration of the grim utility of modern weapons of war.

Fiorito also noted that they pollute:

I don't want to get ecological, but the flowers in my back yard, the leaves on my trees, and the two puny bunches of grapes on my vine are now coated with the sticky residue of burnt jet fuel.

We TreeHugger types often get accused of being humorless wet blankets who want to take all the fun out of life. (You should read the comments from when I dared to criticize ATV's) But perhaps James Schwartz and Joe Fiorito have a point. What do you think?

Should air shows be banned? (Survey)
They are loud, smelly, polluting and dangerous. But they are so much fun.

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