Ryanair Flight Give-Away

Ryanair's website crashed under the weight of 4 Million views yesterday, as people clambered to take them up on their latest offer. The low-cost airline gave away a million flights, not at a cheap rate, but for free. They even paid the taxes and charges that are normally left, even with regular low-cost offers. Recently such airlines have been struggling to fill flights, as passenger duty rates have been doubled. "This is about getting bums on seats. We are paying to get passengers into our planes - we'll be paying the tax that they would normally have to pay. There's no point in flying planes empty," said a spokesman for the company. Friends of the Earth called it "grossly irresponsible", adding that, "passengers may be getting a free ride, but the planet certainly isn't." Many news organisations have suggested that this desperate move indicates a dip in demand due to rising costs to the consumer, caused by green-tax hikes. :: The Guardian

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