Rough Guide Suggests Carbon Neutral Vacation

When planning a vacation it is likely that flying might come into the equation. To avoid this carbon producing predicament TreeHuggers might suggest vacationing locally or in a place that can be reached by train, short drive or even by biking or walking. Rough Guides travel guide book offers slightly different, but also relevant advice - "fly less — stay longer!" Pointing out that air travel is a major contributor to climate change, the guide goes on to advise travelers about carbon offset schemes. In particular, the guide recommends an offset program run by that is supported by many members of the travel industry including Rough Guides competitor Lonely Planet. Learn more about climate change and travel on the Rough Guides website.

Have you had a chance to take a carbon neutral vacation? Consider sharing your experience by participating in our Convenient Truths video contest. :: Rough Guides — Thanks Anton for the tip!

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