Protesters Who Occupied Runway Prepare to Stand Trial

plane stupid activists going on tiral photo

Image credit: Plane Stupid

When anti-aviation activists stormed Aberdeen airport for a game of putt-putt (mini-golf in the UK), one commenter pointed out that they would have been shot on sight in the US. The same group had previously occupied the roof of the Houses of Parliament—again proving that the UK police are less trigger happy than officers in some parts of the world. But the airport occupation may not have been without its consequences—and we'll find out soon when the group goes on trial. According to The Guardian, the Plane Stupid activists go on trial today charged with breach of the peace and vandalism after they occupied the runway and disrupted at least ten flights. The group are expected to plead not guilty as they were attempting to prevent the wider and more serious damage to the environment threatened by climate change.

We'll see how the judge takes that one. Given the fact that the UK's new coalition government has already canceled Heathrow's third runway, the zeitgeist may be in the protesters favor.

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