'No Place to Hide' from Airport Noise


Aviation creates a lot of pollution; carbon and noise. A new report has said that people all over London are being affected by Heathrow airport, even those on the other side of the city, many miles away.

The independent research consultancy, Bureau Veritas, measured noise levels all over the city, and found that it 'dominated the environment'. I used to live in Brixton, south London, and I'm going to agree with them 100% (although joy-riders and sirens also feature prominently in the background noise).The report, 'No Place to Hide', goes on to blame a rise in flying and urges MPs to take action. In autumn the Government will decide whether or not to allow expansion of Heathrow, and the inevitable expansion of noise over London.

John Stewart, chairman of Hacan ClearSkies, an anti-airport-expansion group, said, 'they can't relax, they feel more and more stressed. If people are not used to having the noise, in many ways it's more intensive. It's almost like a noisy elephant in their house they can't escape.' ::The Guardian

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