Nippon Airlines Asks You to Please "Lighten Your Load" Pre-Board

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We're not sure how to say this, politely, erm, before you board, can you please remove your shoes, empty your water bottles, and well, your bladders too. Whew, that wasn't so bad. Now, if you fly Japan's Nippon Airlines in the month of October, you just might hear those words too as the airline tries out its own experiment to lighten its passengers and thus it's load, reports the Environmental Leader.The experiment, which runs just through October, will ask all passengers to please use the restroom prior to boarding the flight in order to take a few pounds of weight off of the flight. Why would that matter? Well, a lighter plane uses less fuel and Nippon Airlines is hoping that it will equal a savings of roughly 5 tons in carbon emissions in just 30 days (or is it 31 days in October?). We previously reported that just flushing the airplane toilet uses 1 liter of fuel, so for shorter flights, "holding it" is technically greener.

In other related air news, American Airlines is retrofitting all of its planes with LEDs, changing out over 1,600 lights to LED fixtures in two parking garages in the airline's Fort Worth headquarters. The change is reported the largest single installation of LED lighting in the US. Part of the expense will be covered by the LED company Oncor through their, "Take a Load Off, Texas, LED Lighting Program."

While air travel is a big no-no when it comes to monitoring carbon footprints, the airlines have made major changes in the last couple of years to retrofit airlines, streamline routes, and even use different fuel sources in order to make the fleet stronger and greener. Recently, I was on a flight and the stewardesses asked all passengers to shut their window blinds while waiting at the terminal to reduce heating and cooling costs. While I enjoy looking out the window, especially while just sitting and waiting, I had to respect their efforts to save energy and now I know to make a pit stop, no matter which airline.

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