London Mayor Supports New Flight Tax

London mayor Ken Livingstone has criticised the currnent UK Government’s "negligible" record on tackling climate change and come out in support of the Tories proposed flight tax plan. "We are not being honest with people about aviation - the rate of increase from emissions from aviation is terrifying. The more £6 holidays to Marbella, the worse it is going to get."

Tory leader David Cameron proposed that the first flight a person takes in a year is exempt, but subsequent flights are taxed under the scheme. Livingstone said, "It is nice that people can have short-haul breaks but at what price to the planet? That's why I like David Cameron's idea of a tax on every second or third flight you take in a year."

Livingstone also attacked the idea that airport expansion is needed to support the UK economy, pointing out that less than a fifth of air traffic over London is business flights.The Tory environment secretary, Peter Ainsworth, said, "Our proposals are out for consultation. I'm glad Ken Livingstone is engaging with the issue. When we proposed the idea, David Miliband said we wanted to criminalise holiday makers - that's from a government who called for a grown-up debate on climate change."

Adding taxes to frequent fliers is one way to lower the amount of flights people take, but if the UK was to stop subsidising the aviation industry then it could achieve the same end with less paperwork. :: The Guardian

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