London Mayor Pledges Funds to Fight Heathrow Runway

Image credit: Wandsworth Conservative Party
Boris Johnson Promises Support to a Legal Challenge
The plan to build a third runway at Heathrow has certainly brought dramatic headlines. From protesters breaching airport security to the UK Conservatives, usually known as the party of big business, announcing they'd scrap the runway and build trains instead. Now we hear via The Guardian that Boris Johnson, the conservative mayor of London, has pledged an initial £15,000 (US$22,400) towards a legal challenge should the government go ahead with its plans. More from The Guardian:
"The mayor of London and a coalition of 21 local authorities representing 4 million people believe the expansion of Heathrow would breach EU laws on pollution. The transport secretary, Geoff Hoon, is expected to give the green light to the scheme next month, which would see a new runway in place by 2030 and expand the number of flights at Heathrow from 480,000 to 700,000 a year. A spokesman for Johnson said that the mayor and the 2M group of local authorities against Heathrow expansion would analyse the government's decision to determine whether there was a basis for legal action."
The Guardian, via site visit.

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