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flying planes protest photo

Emma Thompson's image from Green Thing

There's anti-airplane protest in the air and on the ground here in London. The vote by the government for a third runway at Heathrow Airport, the world's biggest airport, has now been passed and the great and the good have lined up against the idea. There have been tea-party sit-ins at the terminal and celebrities have bought pieces of land to prevent further development beside the proposed site.

And now there is a launch of Protest Paper Planes featuring limited edition designs drawn by famous artists: Dinos Chapman, Peter Saville, famous musicians: James Blunt and famous actors: Emma Thompson (that's hers pictured above), Derek Jacobi, and people famous for doing nothing: Jade Parfitt. .

blunt protest planes photo

James Blunt's plane from Green Thing

Organized by "Do the Green Thing", as part of their anti-aircraft campaign, famous and normal people have been asked to submit a folded up sheet of paper artwork with a brilliant piece of anti-flying or pro-flying alternative artwork on it. The range of funny, witty and silly submissions is a delight. Anyone can download a copy and have their own personal edition.

daisy de villeneuve airplane. photo

Daisy de Villeneuve's plane from Green Thing

Today the celeb's will be flying their planes from the top of a hip , private club. In this, the busiest flying month of the year, they want to fly home the message that the government should have rejected the extra runway at Heathrow and get people to stop taking planes. Green Thing
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