Jet Blue Reduces Its Carbon Footprint

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When big culprits of CO2 emissions, like the airlines, decide to go green, we at Treehugger take notice. We've reported on airlines eliminating flights to save fuel, and got some really interesting commentson the impact of air travel. Well, JetBlue has taken this one step further with their Jetting to Blue initiative, aiming to green both the airtravel as well as their supply chain. To launch this initiative, they also have a green sweepstakes online, complete with green prizes.JetBlue includes a list on their website of the initiatives they are taking on, recognizing that while carbon offsetting helps, directly reducing your environmental footprint is more important. For airlines, every bit really does count. Some of the big ticket items include using only one engine to taxi around the airport, using ground power rather than engines while at the gate, recycling spent fuel and improving flying routes to increase efficiency.

A few changes onboard include eliminating those disposable headsets in June 2008 (Yay!) and not offering an inflight magazine in order to save paper. Then, looking outside of the aircraft, JetBlue is greening the airport as well by eliminating paper tickets and ticket holders, as well as opening an environmentally friendly terminal (Terminal 5) in JFK airport in New York later this year.

To kickoff this new initiative, JetBlue is holding a Jetting to Green sweepstakes where you can win fabulous prizes like a Prius, an eco-spa vacation, Planet Earth DVDs, or a Pangea Organics gift bag. Find this online at:

Within JetBlue, there are a few eco-goals under the headings of "Volunteer. Reduce. Educate." Volunteer - encourage staff to take part in activities in the community. Reduce - corporate friendly buying habits, recycle and reduce waste. Educate - adopt best practices.

The website also includes green tips, a carbon footprint calculator and where to buy carbon offsets. If only JetBlue included a carbon offset in the price of each ticket it sold.

Seeing as how airplanes are a huge polluter, we're eager to see what else JetBlue comes up with and whether other airlines will follow suit.

JetBlue is only available for longer, cross-country flights. They're the ones with the tv in the headrest of every seat and all of the cable channels you might want for your red-eye to New York.

For more information on JetBlue's new Green initiative, check them out online at: Jetting to Green website.

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