Israel Plays Its Part High In The Sky


Despite security constraints, business in Israel is booming. But being an isolated country with less than friendly neighbours, many execs working in management positions head out to Europe, Asia and North America for business. They often find themselves out of Israel more than they are at home. This activity puts undue stress on our planet – and contributes to the generating of global greenhouse gases. That’s why we are somewhat relieved to learn that the Israeli aviation giant, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), has partnered in a EU project the 'Clean Sky JTI (Joint Technology Initiative)', along with the major European aerospace industries to slow down the rate of pollution. The 'Clean Sky' initiative, reports Israel21c is the largest European research project ever and is designed to tackle global warming-- with a budget estimated to reach over 1.6 billion Euros, the project “aims to radically improve the impact of air transport on the environment with the goal of eliminating environmental pollution by reducing greenhouse gases."

Playing its part, Israel has been invited to participate in building environmentally friendly parts for aircraft. 

"IAI will be heading a team working on the ecological task of waste management - what can be done with by-products of aircraft manufacturing that cannot be simply discarded," said Arnold Nathan, director of R&D; for the engineering division of IAI, who heads a team that is currently working on 85 projects in conjunction with the EU. 

"We are also working as a primary partner on a task of life extension ensuring reliable analyses and methods for increasing the life of aircraft structural parts," he added. 


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