Heathrow Protesters Breach Security

From mock billboards to the Camp for Climate Action, Heathrow Airport has been the scene of a number of climate-related protests. As far as we know, however, today may be the first time that campaigners have gone as far as breaching airport security and climbing on top of an airplane to voice their anger at expansion plans. According to the BBC, four protestors were arrested this morning unfurling a banner on top of an Airbus A320:
" two women and two men crossed the tarmac at the airport after the passengers had disembarked. One protester, Anna Jones, said: "Our planet and the people who live on it are in danger. Climate change can be beaten but not by almost doubling the size of the airport. We are here to draw a line in the sand and tell Gordon Brown his new runway must not and will not be built."

Interesting times at Heathrow. We're pretty sure this move will generate a predictably split response in the environmental community - from those who see this as a necessary escalation of tactics in the fight against climate change, to others who fear it will play into the hands of those who see greenies as dangerous radicals. Whether Greenpeace's tactics were justified or not, this is a worrying indication of how easy it is to get past airport security. Here's Greenpeace's version of events.
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