Half-a-million bees live at Seattle Airport, meet their beekeepers (video)

Seattle airport beekeeping
Screen capture Bloomberg

Nice little vignette by Bloomberg about Seattle Airport's beekeeping initiative: "Since 2006, 30% of the bee colonies in the U.S. have vanished. A huge problem, considering Bees pollinate 1/3rd of everything humans eat. In an effort to save the bees and utilize undeveloped airport land, Sea-Tac has given Bee Keeper Bob Redmond $500 dollars and 50 acres for breeding. The 500,000 bees living at the airport fly 5.5 million times a day, 5,500 times that of the commercial flights at Sea-Tac."

Considering how much trouble bees are in, these types of efforts should be stepped up by orders of magnitude while we also deal with the root cause of the problem (pesticides, fungicides, etc).

Via Bloomberg

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