Four Bucks Flies You Over LA During Carmageddon

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It's a 40 mile drive from Long Beach To Burbank, and you don't even have to drive the 405. But this weekend they are closing that highway down for repairs, and it's going to be Carmageddon in Los Angeles. But don't worry; JetBlue to the rescue.

"This will be our shortest commercial flight," JetBlue spokewoman Sharon Jones told The Times. "We thought this would be a fun and unique idea. We looked at it as a way to introduce our product to customers who have never joined JetBlue."

On Reuters, Tim Kenneally writes that "JetBlue's environmental blueprint will grow to Godzilla-like proportions with the stunt." And, after JetBlue's marketing manager suggests that it is all about helping Angelenos to get to the beach,

The nice thing is, should customers take advantage of the offer to hit up the beach, they will likely be able to actually see the damage being done to L.A.'s already imperiled air in real time while they soak up rays.

The two flights sold out in three hours.

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