Europe Flags a Carbon Bank for Aircraft CO2 Emissions


The European Union this week announced it's intention to establish CO2 emission quotas for commerical airlines by 2011. Companies will be given a carbon credit based on their emissions over the previous couple of years. Those airlines, like the Dutch carrier KLM, who reckon they fly with the minimum of emissions will be able to trade their unused credits with less 'clean' airlines. The EU reckon that although greenhouse gas contributions from aviation only amount to three percent of the total emissions, they have increased 87% in the past 16 years, and the industry is still growing. The European Commission believes that ticket prices for local flights would increase by €9 and €40 for long haul trips. As a KLM rep put it, "We try to fly as efficiently as possible, but you can always do better, so we keep on investing in that." But American, and Asian carriers, are said to have "reacted angrily to the new plans." No, really, what a surprise. Via ::Radio Netherlands and ::Deutsche Welle.

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