Elektra One Electric Plane's First Flight a Success!

pc-aero electric plane photo

Photo: PC-Aero, used with permission.
Quieter, Greener Flight
The Elektra One plane by PC-Aero is competing to win NASA's CAFE Green Flight Challenge (there's a 1.6 million dollars prize). The goal is to create an aircraft that can "fly 200 miles in less than two hours using the energy equivalent of less than 1 gallon of gasoline per occupant. Team aircraft include those propelled by gasoline, bio-diesel, hydrogen, and electricity." The Elektra One is 100% powered by electricity, and it recently had a successful maiden flight in Germany! Check out the photos and the video below.
pc-aero electric plane photo

Photo: PC-Aero, used with permission.
The Electric Aircraft ELEKTRA ONE, developed by Calin Gologan, performed it's internal First Flight on Saturday, 19. Mar. 2011 at the Airport Augsburg/Germany. This First Flight was performed by the well known test pilot Jon Karkow. He did the first check for the flight performance and characteristics of the Electric Aircraft and briefed the german test pilot Norbert Lorenzen for the next official First Flight on Wednesday, 23. Mar. 2011. On Wednesday for the first time the single-seater ELEKTRA ONE circled for 30 minutes in the air. (source)

The electric plane flew up to 500 meters in the air, climbing at 400 feet/min. The flight was completely silent thanks to the efficient electric motor, and only half of the 6kWh stored in the batteries were used. the electric motor that powered Elektra One is rated at 13.5 kW (16kW peak).

According to PC-Aero, the high performance, rechargeable battery provides an endurance of more than 3 hours and a range of more than 400 km with a cruise speed of 160kph. When empty, Elektra One has a weight of 100 kg including engine and propeller, and has a maximum weight of 300 kg.

- number of seats: 1
- maximum weight: 300 kg
- wingspan: 8,6 m
- wing surface : 6,4 m2
- maximum engine power: 16 KW
- empty weight (without batteries): 100 kg
- max. batteries: 100 kg
- payload: 100 kg
- max. range: over 400 km
- max. endurance: over 3 hours
- modern composite glass-/carbon-structure
- advanced aerodynamic design
- best propeller efficiency (90%)
- light batteries
- highly efficient electric drive
- integration of new certification procedures

pc-aero electric plane photo

Photo: Jean-Marie Urlacher/Info-Pilote, used with permission.

Over the next weeks, Elektra One will get a new variable pitch propeller and a retractable landing gear. This will give the electric plane better flight performance.

pc-aero electric plane photo

Photo: PC-Aero, used with permission.

PC-Aero expects to commercialize its technology. "The complete system (Aircraft + Solar-Hangar) will come on the market for less than 100.000 EUR. The operation cost per hour are less than 35 EUR or 0,2 EUR/km."

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Via PC-Aero, ABG
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