Delta Airlines Takes Small Paper-less Step Towards Greening


After posting on JetBlue’s new green initiative, we were eager to hear about the latest changes at Delta Airlines to go green as well. Heck, after all of the news this week about airlines suffering more setbacks due to rising costs, we figured that getting back to basics and greening their fleet couldn’t hurt. Well, it looks like for now all Delta is doing is just eliminating their paper newsletter traffic. That’s right, for those of you already subscribed, you have already been switched to the email newsletter and if you sign up for two additional newsletters, then you earn 750 air miles.

But we were not so easily dismayed and did a little snooping around to see if we couldn't find a silver lining to this story. Well it turns out that Delta Airlines is a little more green than we assumed. Delta offered customers several options to calculate their carbon footprints as well as purchase offsets, which the company matched up to $10,000.

Other recent green initiatives by Delta: The launch of their in-flight magazine’s Green Issue. Also, Delta also has a comprehensive on-board recycling program, launched in 2007, for aluminum, plastic and paper, which recycled over 7.8 million aluminum cans last year. Delta also just recently hired a sustainability intern, so maybe greening their fleet is only just around the corner.

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