Creative Recycling: 747 Turned into Hostel

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Jumbo jets are magnificent machines, but when they go to die they bake in the desert, perhaps get converted into houses, or scrapped. At the same time, people are sleeping on airport floors as airlines go bankrupt, overbook or get caught in changing weather patterns.

So what could be more logical than to take an old jumbo and turn it into a hotel? That is what they did in Stockholm and it opens this December. This one is all hostel accommodation, three beds to a room, but there is also the flight deck, set up as a private, more high-end suite.

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Every airport should have one of these, instead of the crappy airport hotels that you have to drive offsite for. ::JumboHostel via ::Dvice

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"This is the budget price alternative Arlanda has needed for quite a long time and also a new landmark at Arlanda offering a unique experience for the guests, says hostel owner and the man behind Jumbo Hostel, Oscar Diös.

"I was getting ready to expand my hostel business in 2006 when I heard about an old wreck of an aircraft for sale at Arlanda. Since I had for a long time wanted to establish my business at Arlanda I didn’t hesitate for a second when this opportunity struck," Oscar Diös explains.

The airplane, a worn out jumbo jet of the model 747-200 built in 1976, had Transjet as its last owner, an air operator that was bankrupt in 2002.

In December 2007, Sigtuna authorities granted a building permit for establishing Jumbo Hostel at the entrance to Arlanda airport. In January 2008, the aircraft was moved to a construction site parking where the first phase of the conversion has begun with the dismantling of the old interior, new paint and new decorations for the rooms. Four hundred fifty seats were taken out and the plane is sanitized in its entirety. The hostel is built like any house, subjected to the same demands on climate control and isolation. It adheres to all common energy standards. Heating is achieved with an air-air inverter."

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