Cold War Era Plane Converted Into Luxury Hotel Suite

plane conversion luxury suite netherlands photo interior

TreeHugger loves recycling, and has shown a number of planes recycled into hotels. But none so luxurious as this renovation of a former 120-seater into a luxury suite for two, at Teuge airport in the Netherlands.

plane conversion luxury suite netherlands photo controls

The cockpit has been left in its original condition for airline fans:

The plane is an Ilyushin 18 and was built in 1960. In its first years, it served as a government plane for the DDR top dogs, including Erich Honecker. From 1964 to 1986 Interflug, an East-German airline company, used it for flights to countries like Cuba, Russia, China and Vietnam. It could accommodate a total of 120 passengers and a four-man crew in the cockpit. After the German unification the plane served as a restaurant for 15 years until it was acquired by in 2007.

plane conversion luxury suite netherlands photo interior

But the rest of it has been renovated rather significantly, and includes a suite for two guests, infrared sauna, mini bar, three flat screen TVs and a jacuzzi.

plane conversion luxury suite netherlands photo master

Not to mention a comfy looking master bedroom. So have fun, but not too much fun;

• The airplane suite is intended for a luxury stay for two persons. You are not allowed to receive family, friends or acquaintances at the suite.
• For reasons of safety and hygiene, you are not allowed to bring pets.
• Your stay at the airplane is at your own risk.
• Guests will be charged for any damage to the airplane or its contents caused by guests. The same holds for damage caused by third parties.

plane conversion luxury suite netherlands photo exterior

Teuge Airport serves the cities of Deventer, Zutphen and Apeldoorn. A night in the plane seems cheap at € 350.00 per couple including a full breakfast, presumably better than the typical airline fare.

Book your flight at Hotelsuites.NL; found on the Design Blog and Weheart.

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