Celebrities Fight Heathrow Expansion with Organic Veggies (Video)

richard briers at the airplot allotment photo

Image credit: Airplot
Celebrities Dig Deep to Stop Runway Expansion
Britain is well known for its slightly eccentric protest methods. It's where the World Naked Bike Ride first got started, and it's where protesters have tried to stop airport expansion with miniature golf and anti-aviation picnics. Now the celebrities that bought land slated for runway expansion have a new cunning plan up their sleeves, and it involves vegetables. Actor Richard Briers, fondly remembered for his role in Seventies back-to-the-land sitcom "The Good Life", has joined other celebrities in digging an anti-airport organic allotment (a type of community garden). The plan is, apparently, to melt the hearts of the powers that be with some tasty, fresh organic produce. Oh, and maybe drum up a little publicity in the process:

Yes, the latest guest to the Airplot is Richard Briers, who has dusted off his spade and started digging up the land earmarked by Gordon Brown for the construction of a new runway at Heathrow airport.

Richard is joining Gardener's World presenter Alys Fowler to plant organic carrots on the plot - they want to send vegetables to every member of the cabinet, in the hope that they'll enjoy them so much they'll ditch their plans for a third runway.

The allotment will be cared for using organic practices for the benefit of the local community. Unless of course, BAA and the government get their way and a new runway tarmacs over the allotment and the local community with it. But with businesses, environmentalists, gardeners and celebrities joining the tens of thousands of people who've signed up to the Airplot, that's never going to happen, because we own their runway and they're not getting it back!

Here's a video about all the fun goings on at Airplot:

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