Behold, The Airship Really Is Reborn

Way back in 2006, Warren wrote about the Aeros Craft as the return of the blimp. It also made our selection of 6 incredible low carbon airships. But, like many of the ideas that may define our future, it can be hard to imagine such concepts becoming an actual workable reality.

Until now.

We're excited to hear that the team behind Aeros Craft has completed its first 260 ft working prototype, and if the photos are anything to go by, it looks incredible.

Designed primarily as a fuel efficient cargo vehicle that can deliver goods direct to the point of demand, this first prototype is intended to demonstrate technology and scalability to a 66 ton payload vehicle. Eventually, the makers say, the technology will also be applied to 200 ton and 500 ton cargo capacity vehicles.

Besides the fuel efficiency of this rigid-bodied aircraft (please don't call it a blimp!) which is said to cut consumption to 1/3 of traditional airfreight, there are numerous other operational and environmental benefits to be had—most notably that it can deliver goods direct to where they are needed, bypassing the need for resource intensive infrastructure or costly and time consuming road and rail transfers.

For those who haven't yet seen it, here's a video of how this will all work. Now I'm just waiting to see if someone will adapt these to passenger flight.

Behold, The Airship Really Is Reborn
There's been much talk of modern airships as a fuel efficient alternative to planes. One such concept is finally becoming a reality.

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