Are Zeppelins the Future of Air Travel? (Slideshow)

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Image: massaud

Concocting crazy flying machines has long been a favorite hobby of mankind. Our generation, accustomed to being whisked to our destinations on commercial airliners, hardly gives a thought to some of the crazy inventions of earlier eras. But clouds are on the horizon. Whether due to peak oil or the multiplied effect that airplane contrails have on the earth's atmosphere when emitted at high altitudes, airplane travel has come into question.

Zeppelins are making a comeback. They fly at low altitudes, lessening any impact on the planet's atmosphere. They are quiet and relatively fuel efficient, although they can travel at the speed of a fast train. And they have inspired the imagination of some great designers. In this slideshow, we remember the history, learn how commercial zeppelins have already made a comeback, and then dream of a future wafting noiselessly to far away destinations through the air.

Are Zeppelins the Future of Air Travel (Slideshow)

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