App Reveals Most Fuel Efficient Flights On Expedia

Calasi screen shot photoCalasi/Screen capture

From futuristic blended wing aircraft to the good old turboprop, we've seen plenty of innovations for fuel efficient aviation. The inherently fuel hungry nature of flying combined with the high cost of fuel means that airlines already have considerable economic incentives to buy greener aircraft and even land planes in idle.

But can consumer pressure create more incentive for the industry to step up its game? Back in 2007, we did note that some European consumers were changing their flying habits due to concern about climate change, including avoiding flying all together, and I even posted some tips on how to fly greener if you did have to take to the skies.

Now Calasi, a start up based out of San Francisco, is hoping to empower would-be green(er) air travelers to make more informed choices, launching an app that works with Expedia to identify the flights that consume the least amount of fuel and produce the least emissions. According to the team behind the app, the efficiency calculations the app offers use five variables: aircraft fuel used, passenger load, seat density, freight share and flight distances.

The app appears to be in early stages of beta testing, but can be downloaded from their site now. With some likely air travel coming up in the New Year, I'll be looking forward to testing this thing out—and will report back on the results.

App Reveals Most Fuel Efficient Flights On Expedia
We're all used to weighing up factors like price and travel time when we book flights. But what about fuel efficiency or emissions? A new app aims to change all this.

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