Amazing Video Shows All Roads, Air, and Shipping Routes on Earth Like Never Before!

We're Crawling All Over This Thing

'Welcome to the Anthropocene' is a short film produced for the Planet Under Pressure conference (see below), and at the heart of it is a beautiful animation produced by Globaïa. It shows just how much humans are changing the Earth, and how our roads and shipping lanes basically cover the whole thing. We've all seen that composite picture of the planet at night showing all the lights from our cities, but this goes one step further and is, in my opinion, much more impressive.

Above is the animation on its own (watch it in HD and full screen!), and below is the final product, with narration and some overlaid graphs (they distract a bit from the beauty of the animation, but they add a big educational factor -- I couldn't decide which was better, so I'm including both):

They're not just making stuff up to make it look good. They used reputable data from the following sources:

International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme |
NaturalEarthData |
OpenStreetMap |
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency |
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration |
National Aeronautics and Space Administration |
Greg's Cable Map |

For more details, go to the very nice official website of the project:

See also: Beautiful Interactive Animated Wind Map of the U.S.

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