Airship Tours of London: A Photo Essay

Lloyd noted a little while ago that Zeppelins are back, and they are even offering passenger journeys, as opposed to just cargo (like the SkyHook being proposed for the Alberta Tar Sands, of all places). However for now, when I say passenger journeys, I really mean sight-seeing tours. The Guardian has a fabulous photo essay showing the view that can be had floating over London in an airship at a tranquil 30mph, and while I'm pretty sure that a spin in The London Eye (a giant glorified ferris wheel) would use less resources, this service may still serve to raise the profile of airships once more as a viable, and pleasant, transport option. I'd be surprised to see them adopted by the budget carriers any time soon though - tickets currently cost ₤185 for 30 minutes ($370), ₤295 ($590 for 45 minutes and ₤360 ($720) for the one-hour flight. Still, with gas prices continuing to rise, and with internet technology being what it is, I might one day have the opportunity to float across the Atlantic sedately, writing TreeHugger posts as I go. In the meantime, I can always hang my greener aviation hopes on the return of the turboprop. Another photo and related articles below the fold.
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