Airport Protesters Scale Parliament

It certainly seems like the folks protesting Heathrow Airport's planned runway expansion are not afraid of guns. Having breached security and climbed on top of a plane earlier this week, yesterday a group of activists found their way to the roof of the Houses of Parliament, unfurled giant banners, and threw down paper airplanes made from official documents that alledgedly "prove that airport operator BAA wrote parts of the consultation document and that the government has already decided to build a 3rd runway and 6th terminal at the world's biggest international airport." One of the protesters, Richard George from the group Plane Stupid (whose response to industry plans for green air travel we covered here), explained the strategy:

"We decided to let Gordon Brown get on with prime minister's questions, but we just wanted him to know what it is like to have an inconvenience above your head that you did not ask for."

Mr Brown, however, was not impressed.
Apparently the Prime Minister told Parliament that decisions had to be made "in the chamber, and not on the roof of this house." Meanwhile speculation mounted as to how the group had actually managed to find their way onto the roof, with Conservative MP Michael Jack suspecting that they must have gotten some inside help:

"It's not the easiest of places to find your way around and for getting on to a roof - I can only think of one particular route so it may be a bit of an inside track on this one."

Photo credit: Andy Rain/EPA (via The Guardian)

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