Air New Zealand Sets Sustainable Biofuels Goal for 2013

It seems like there's a lot of buzz around non-food biofuels in aviation these days. Only yesterday we reported on a company promoting algae biofuels technology to KLM airlines and major cruiseships, although it has to be said that some of our commenters were a little sceptical. Now we hear that Air New Zealand, whose previous efforts on biofuels for aviation have already caught our attention, has set a goal of using one million barrels of "environmentally sustainable" fuel annually by 2013. The airline's next step is to run a test flight using fuel from jatropha oil in the latter half of this year (see also our previous post on jatropha for biofuels). According to the company's press release, the fuel to be used is being vetted under strict sustainability criteria:
"Air New Zealand's criteria for sourcing the jatropha oil was the land was neither forest land nor virgin grassland within the previous two decades. The quality of the soil and climate is such that the land is not suitable for the vast majority of food crops. Furthermore, the plantations are rain-fed and not mechanically irrigated."

Apparently the company is also working with researchers to develop algae as a feedstock for future tests, and has previously made waves by working with Airways New Zealand to land jumbos in idle as a means to save fuel.

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