Air India's Fuel Efficiency Efforts Save $9 Million in Six Months

air india jet photo

photo: Timothy Dauber via flickr

We're always talking up the benefits of energy efficiency and here's a concrete example of it: Air India has been operating under a new program of fuel efficiency measures for the past six months, with the goal of reducing fuel usage by 12 billion gallons over the year. It's all resulted in $9.26 million in savings. Here's how they did it:Basic Steps Lead to Big Savings
The steps taken are all basic and are behavioral rather than technological:

Flying at optimal altitudes and speeds as much as possible.

Reducing fuel use on the ground by using one engine while taxiing, by towing the aircraft whenever possible and getting pre-flight power from ground sources.

Decreasing aircraft weight by more efficient use of water onboard, decreasing the weight of food carts and the magazines in seat-back pockets.

Further decreasing aircraft weight by cutting contingency fuel from 5% to 3%.

More Savings Over the Year: CO2 Emissions Drop
All of these steps mean that Air India expects to save $16 million dollars over the year. Carbon emissions reductions are also expected to be in the range of 160,400 tons.

via: Cleantech
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