See what's new in electric and hybrid cars and read about issues surrounding traffic, emissions, infrastructure, and the internal combustion engine.
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electric vehicle charging
Will Rising Battery Prices Create a Barrier to Entry for EVs?
Trucks just get bigger and bigger
The US Has a Pedestrian Safety Crisis Thanks to Bigger Vehicles
A Lightyear 0 in an empty space
Lightyear 0 Is a Solar-Powered Car You Can Drive for Months Without a Charge
Bike and Motorcyle Together
E-Mobility Goes 'Vroom' With Eric Buell's FUELL Fllow Electric Motorcycle
2024 Volvo EX90
Meet Volvo's New All-Electric Flagship SUV
Sign at a gas station of gasoline over $4.00 per gallon.
13 Eco-Conscious Ways to Save Money on Gas
car in a parking lot getting charged
Biden Administration Approves EV Charging Station Plans Covering 75,000 Miles of Highways
A woman pours fuel (CNG gas) into the car. Germany
What Is CNG Fuel? Understanding Natural Gas Vehicles
A hand holding a phone with an Uber app open.
Uber to Exclusively Offer Electric Vehicles by 2030
Ford BlueCruise System
Ford's New App Is an Exercise in Victim Blaming
Drive Unit of an Electric Vehicle
Do Electric Cars Have Transmissions?
People inspecting a used electric vehicle at a dealer.
What to Know Before Buying a Used Electric Car
The Electrobat Taxis
The Invention and Evolution of the First Electric Cars
Buyers of the New Nissan LEAF in Japan Can Get a Free Solar Array
President Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act Into Law
What Biden's Landmark IRA Bill Means for EV Adoption in the US
Woman is plugging/unplugging cable to electric car
EV Charging FAQs: What You Need to Know to Charge Your Electric Car
speed limiter in action
Fatal California Crash Ignites Debate About Speed Limiters for Cars
Queensboro two-way bike and pedestrian lane
Are We Seeing the Beginnings of an 'E-Bikelash'?
a hybrid vehicle is plugged into gas pump
What Is a Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (SULEV)?
placeholder image
Quietest Cars: Do Electric Cars Make Any Sound?
Manhattan Street is full of cars
Cars Add a Lot of Heat to Our Cities—It's Time to Ban Them
Hyundai on a driveway near tree
Hyundai's Ioniq 6 'Electrified Streamliner' EV Is Competing With Tesla's Model 3 Sedan
Hummer EV
Electric Vehicle Efficiency Still Matters—Especially With Bigger Cars
Side view of a blue Nissan Leaf
Life With a Used Nissan Leaf: 7 Years On
Scientists testing lithium car battery with electric motor car in battery research facility
Who Makes Electric Car Batteries? EV Battery Market and Materials
Buick Wildcat
Buick to 'Fully Electrify' Its North America Lineup by End of Decade
Midsection of mid adult woman charging electric car
EV Registrations Spike in the US But There's More Work to Be Done
Hand holding a lead toward an electric car socket
Converting Your Gas-Powered Car to Electric
Electric cars are charged by a wall charger in a city center car park, on January 22, 2022 in Bath, England.
Two-Thirds of UK Drivers Plan to Go Electric
Biden standing near a sign
Biden Allocates $3.1 Billion to Make EV Batteries in the US
gas is nine gallons for a buck
Fuel Prices Are High But the True Cost of Filling Your Tank Is Higher
Rivian in mud
Why Sell Big Trucks If There Is a Battery Shortage?
An image of traffic in California on the highway.
California Unveils Plan to Phase Out New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035
Big Surprise: Car Industry Doesn't Like the Idea of Speed Governors
Ford in the City
Electric Trucks and SUVs Raise Concern for Road Safety and Pedestrian Deaths
Ford in the City
Will Lithium Prices Kill Demand for Electric Cars?
Volkswagen ID. Buzz on a bridge
The Volkswagen Microbus Is Reborn As an EV—Meet the ID. Buzz
Ford in tunnel
Electric Cars and Light Trucks Have 64% Lower Life Cycle Carbon Emissions
A blue Polestar 02 vehicle on an outdoor display
Polestar's Second Electric Vehicle Concept Promises to Reduce Waste
Close up of a charging electric car.
How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car?
Everybody rides cars
The Lifetime Cost of a Small Car Can Be $689,000
Midsection of father assisting children in charging car on driveway
Electric Vehicle Accessibility for Black and Brown Communities Is Essential for Successful EV Adoption in US
Teslas being delivered
Electric Vehicles Are Far Better Than Gas-Powered Vehicles But Not a Magic Bullet, Analysis Shows
Charging an electric car
How Long Do Electric Car Batteries Last?
woman's hand plugging in a charging lead to her electric car
How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Car
Road through the green forest, aerial view road going through forest.
Are Electric Cars Truly Better for the Environment?
Cars are freedom!
People Don't Know the True Impact of the Automobile
Dockless electric cars blocking sidewalk
Tesla Has 'Assertive' Self-Driving Mode
Cargo biking families in NYC
The Cargo Bike Revolution Hits New York City
Mehanic doing service on electric car battery
Are Electric Car Batteries Recyclable?
Car charging at electric vehicle station
Hybrid vs Electric Cars: Which Is Greener?
An EV Charging Station in Mosjøen, Norway
How to Maximize Electric Car Performance in Cold Weather
Tesla battery charging station at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, USA.
How to Take a Road Trip with Electric Cars
View of a woman charging the 'Henney Kilowatt', an electric automobile.
The History of the Electric Car: A Timeline
Electric vehicle on a road trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains
Electric Vehicle Range: How Far Can an Electric Car Go?
Electric vehicle charging station in parking garage
EV Charging Stations: How to Use Them and What to Expect
A white Chrysler on a paved road with trees in the backdrop.
CES 2022: EVs and Future of Automotive Tech Took Center Stage
BMW going through changes
BMW Introduces a Car That Changes Colors. Why?
A Tesla electric vehicle charging at home
Electric Car Charging at Home: How It Works and What You'll Need

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