Zachary Shahan

Zachary Shahan

Writer / Wrocław, Poland

Zachary Shahan has been the director of and since mid-2010. He's also the founder of,, and Outside of these blogs, he has been published on Scientific American, Reuters, ABB Conversations, GE's Ecomagination blog,, and probably a dozen other green sites.

Despite not being a "car guy," Zach made it onto a list of the "Top 20 Fuel Economy Influencers" in 2013, alongside President Obama, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the US Secretary of Energy, then-NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the heads of numerous automobile companies.

In the solar and wind energy space, Zach has been interviewed by CNBC and Harvard Business Review for a TV and Internet series titled "Energy Opportunities."

Prior to blogging, Zach received a bachelor's degree in sociology and environmental studies from Florida's honors college, New College of Florida, and then a master's degree in city & regional planning from UNC--Chapel Hill, the top graduate program in the nation for land use planning.

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