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    If ExxonMobil was a Country...

    January 8, 1:31 PM by Union of in Clean Technology

    If it were counted as a nation, ExxonMobil would be the sixth largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world. The corporation has been antagonistic toward global warming science, and according to a new report (there's a PDF of the full report there)

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    Food from Clones has Questionable Benefits, Certain Drawbacks

    January 3, 2:31 PM by Union of in Green Food

    Just this week, the Food and Drug Administration announced it intends to lift a voluntary moratorium on selling products from cloned animals to consumers. The Union of Concerned Scientists is urging FDA to conduct a more comprehensive safety review of

  • batterylarge.jpg

    Making Gadgets Greener

    December 25, 3:14 PM by Union of in Clean Technology

    Electronic gadgets continue to grow in popularity and many people will give them as holiday gifts this season. Devices that plug in to wall outlets are responsible for a small but growing portion of total household energy consumption, about five to

  • ucs-coalad-1206.jpg

    What Did We Do to Deserve Coal for Decades?

    December 18, 1:55 PM by Union of in Clean Technology

    For generations, children have been threatened with coal in their stocking as punishment for being naughty—but giving kids, and all of us, coal fired power plants is a punishment that can last 40 years or more.

  • epa-libary-b-01.jpg

    EPA Closing Libraries, Destroying Scientific Documents

    December 11, 12:47 PM by Union of in Corporate Responsibility

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a nationwide network of 27 libraries that provide critical scientific information on human health and environmental protection, not only to EPA scientists, but also to other researchers and the general

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    Bluegrass Wind Farm

    December 4, 5:04 PM by Union of in Renewable Energy

    The turbines of Missouri’s first wind farm are beginning to dot the landscape outside of tiny King City, and a UCS-er recently took a tour while home for Thanksgiving. Bluegrass Ridge Wind Farm, named for the area’s history of raising high quality

  • ucs-rebatemoney.jpg

    Greening a Home One Fridge (and Rebate) at a Time (Part 2)

    November 27, 12:36 PM by Union of in Interior Design

    The second in a series of entries for Treehugger on converting an old apartment into an eco-friendly one. I left off last time explaining how I decided to replace my refrigerator. This post will cover how I joined my colleagues at UCS in reaping a

  • thanksgivinglarge.jpg

    Factory Farms Should Make Safer Turkeys

    November 20, 12:26 PM by Union of in Green Food

    The turkeys on our Thanksgiving dinner tables this year are different from the ones the Pilgrims had at the first Thanksgiving. Nearly all of the 50 million turkeys Americans will eat on Thursday will come from animal factories. While raising turkeys

  • fridge-ucs.jpg

    Greening a Home One Fridge (and Rebate) at a Time

    November 13, 1:11 PM by Union of in Culture

    The first in a series of entries for Treehugger on converting an old apartment into an eco-friendly one. In September I bought my first apartment--an aging one bedroom unit that is primed for an eco-friendly makeover. As a novice at home remodeling, the

  • ucs-wind-wa-01.jpg

    A Chance to Vote for Clean Energy in Washington

    November 6, 3:16 PM by Union of in Solar Technology

    With Election Day fast approaching, clean energy is a hot topic in the state of Washington. The Clean Energy Ballot Initiative (I-937) would require the state’s largest utilities to get 15% of their electricity from renewable resources by 2020, and to

  • ucs-bookcover.jpg

    New Book Tells Scientists to Speak Up

    October 30, 10:04 AM by Union of in Culture

    Many challenging environmental problems are scientific in nature. If scientists don’t effectively communicate their findings and opinions to the press, special-interest lobbyists, industry spokespeople, and sometimes ill-informed politicians step in to

  • waterheater-ucs.jpg

    Heating Your Water to Cool the Planet

    October 23, 9:31 AM by Union of in Culture

    Heating up water for showers, dishwashing, and other activities accounts for approximately 15 percent of average household’s energy consumption. If the water heater in your house is more than 10 years old, it’s probably running at less than 50 percent

  • coalplant-bst-01.jpg

    Big Stone II Coal Plant: Big Mistake

    October 17, 11:15 AM by Union of in Culture

    Seven regional utility companies are planning on building a new coal power plant — Big Stone II — in South Dakota, just across the Minnesota border. The utilities are selling the project as a cost-effective means of producing new power. But

  • usa-satellite-d-01.jpg

    Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast: Migrating Climates

    October 9, 9:13 AM by Union of in Natural Sciences

    Imagine if each state in the U.S. were a giant puzzle piece. By the end of the century, global warming could have the effect of picking up some of those pieces and dropping them several hundred miles to the South. New York, for instance, could wind

  • ucs-nuke-d-01.jpg

    UCS: Nuclear Safety Project

    October 2, 10:55 AM by Union of in Corporate Responsibility

    There are different ways to measuring the safety of a nuclear power plant. Counting only the number of accidents or meltdowns at nuclear plants would give you an incomplete picture of their overall safety. The Union of Concerned Scientists' Nuclear

  • spinach-dd-01.jpg

    The Link Between E. Coli in Spinach and Industrial Cattle

    September 25, 1:13 PM by Union of in Natural Sciences

    This month’s massive recalls of potentially infected spinach show how quickly and easily our nation’s produce supplies can become infected with E. coli. Right now, government investigators are focusing their search for the origin of the recent spinach

  • 4-receiptrev.jpg

    UCS: Join the Receipt Revolution

    September 18, 7:00 AM by Union of in Culture

    We’re asking people in the

  • ucs-science-idol-01.jpg

    UCS Cartoon Contest: Choose Your Science Idol Today!

    September 11, 10:10 AM by Union of in Natural Sciences

    Upset about political interference in science? You’re not alone. Thousands of scientists and concerned citizens are speaking out against the distortion, suppression, and manipulation of science on issues as diverse as global warming and toxic mercury


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