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    Burn it Where You Buy it to Stop Invasive Species

    June 4, 1:10 PM by Union of in Natural Sciences

    Last week's Memorial Day weekend kicked off the start of summer. Like many others in the Northern Hemisphere, your summer plans might include a picnic or camping trip in one of many beautiful state or national parks, national forests, or private

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    Ditch the Golf Course Look and Landscape for the Planet

    May 21, 10:19 PM by Union of in Natural Sciences

    The space around our homes provides us with places to play and relax. To local wildlife, however, expanses of lush, green grass might as well be asphalt. Lawns provide animals with no shade, shelter, or food, and the runoff from fertilizers and

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    Keep Antibiotics Working

    May 14, 2:22 PM by Union of in Green Food

    An estimated 70 percent of all antibiotics used in the United States are regularly added to the feed of livestock and poultry that are not sick. The antibiotics are used to promote growth for the animals, but they also have negative effects on human

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    Cut Back on Energy Use from Your Dryer

    May 10, 2:42 PM by Union of in Culture

    Electric dryers are often among the top energy-uses in a home, right behind refrigerators, lighting and water heaters. Because the average dryer uses 875 killowatt hours of electricity a year, it's a prime target for reducing global warming pollution

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    Help Bring Toyota's Hybrid Minivan to the U.S.

    April 23, 3:25 PM by Union of in Cars

    Automakers have been showing off their hybrids to trumpet their environmental commitment. But not all hybrids are created equal. Hybrid technology, as used in such models as the Toyota Prius and Camry Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, and Ford Escape Hybrid,

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    Tell the Wall Street Seven to Start Financing Clean Energy!

    April 9, 3:13 PM by Union of in Corporate Responsibility

    Coal-fired power plants are the biggest sources of global warming pollution in the United States. Right now, utilities are proposing the construction of more than 150 coal-fired power plants. If built, these plants would increase U.S. global warming

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    Tell US Congress to Strengthen Fuel Economy Standards

    March 26, 11:05 AM by Union of in Cars

    The cars we drive could go much farther on a gallon of gas. Making cars more fuel-efficient can reduce oil dependence, save drivers money at the pump and cut back on global warming pollution. But the average fuel economy of the vehicles automakers build

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    Recycled Paper to Write Home About

    March 19, 10:24 AM by Union of in Culture

    The benefits of producing paper from recycled fibers are many: fewer trees cut down, less water and energy consumed, less pollution generated. But more than 90 percent of printing and writing paper still comes from virgin tree fiber. To help expand the

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    Is Phantom Energy Haunting Your House?

    March 12, 12:04 PM by Union of in Clean Technology

    Many of the electronic devices in your home stay on, even when they're "off." Chargers for cell phones, digital cameras, power tools and other gadgets draw energy even when they're not in use. Appliances like televisions, computer monitors and DVD

  • ucs-VanguardTransparent.jpg

    The Car the Automakers Can — and Should — Be Making

    March 5, 12:36 PM by Union of in Cars

    Imagine cutting the amount of global warming pollution coming out of cars by over 40 percent – without using fuel cells, hybrid batteries or other state-of-the-art technology. Vehicles engineers at the Union of Concerned Scientists have done just that.

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    Engineered Plants to Be Grown Outdoors in Washington State

    February 27, 10:42 AM by Union of in Green Food

    Drug and biotech companies are using food crops to produce pharmaceutical drugs, industrial chemicals, research chemicals, untested food additives and other products. These drugs and chemicals could harm our families if they wind up in common foods such

  • ucs-fridge-hwe-001.jpg

    Is Your Fridge Running (Efficiently)?

    February 19, 10:30 AM by Union of in Clean Technology

    Appliances account for about 20 percent of a household’s annual electricity use and one of the biggest users of electricity is the refrigerator. If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, see one of Union of Concerned Scientists’ previous posts on

  • ucs-wind-turb-4g4-01.jpg

    Tell Congress to Support Clean Energy

    February 12, 10:59 AM by Union of in Renewable Energy

    On Thursday, a new bill was introduced in the House that could be the best chance to finally pass strong, national renewable energy policy—but early support is needed.

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    An Atmosphere of Pressure on Federal Climate Scientists

    February 5, 10:05 AM by Union of in Corporate Responsibility

    Along with the Government Accountability Project, UCS released a new report combining a survey of climate scientists with dozens of in-depth interviews. The scientists who responded to the survey reported at least 435 instances of political

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    EPA Set to Abandon 30 Years of Air Quality Control

    January 29, 10:40 PM by Union of in Corporate Responsibility

    Lead is one of the most harmful toxins on Earth and is especially hazardous for children. Since 1970, the Clean Air Act has authorized the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set standards for air pollutants that pose a threat to health and the

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    Is Your Car Getting Zero Miles Per Gallon?

    January 22, 12:20 PM by Union of in Cars

    If your car is running, but not moving, the answer is yes. Whenever your engine is idling while your car is stationary, you’re effectively using gas to get nowhere. Idling wastes money and fuel and generates pollution. Some states even have laws

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    Bush Administration Plans to Bring Back Nuclear Testing

    January 15, 12:59 PM by Union of in Corporate Responsibility

    The Bush administration is proposing to rebuild the entire U.S. nuclear arsenal, recreating the type of design, development, and production capability for nuclear weapons used in the United States during the Cold War. These new weapons, would ultimately


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