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    EarthShade Natural Blinds

    May 19, 11:54 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Earthshade makes a wide range of natural window shades out of non-toxic, rapidly renewable reeds, bamboos, grasses, and other natural plant fibers. These materials are gathered in Central and South America, where they are sun-dried and woven into

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    Building Around Trees

    May 19, 9:31 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Building around trees does require ingenuity, but really, that's the coolness of it.

  • New Biodiesel Station Opens In Seattle

    New Biodiesel Station Opens In Seattle

    May 19, 9:11 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    A new biodiesel station has opened in Seattle, offering 100% biodiesel fuel its pumps. Run by Laurelhurst Oil, a retailer for Propel Fuels, the station will offer biodiesel fuel at $2.96 per gallon. This price is actually competitive with regular diesel

  • Ariston Point-Of-Use Hot Water Heaters

    Ariston Point-Of-Use Hot Water Heaters

    May 19, 9:08 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Designed and made in Italy, Ariston hot water heaters have a lot going for them. They install directly under the sink or wherever you want hot water. They produce hot water instantly — you don't have to wait for the water to get hot (80 billon

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    Solar Powered GPS Unit from F-Tech

    May 19, 8:58 AM by TreeHugger in Solar Technology

    This just makes so much sense-when you are out in the woods on a long trip the last thing you need is to have your GPS run out of batteries. It still has a rechargeable battery, but with the addition of a solar power board this GPS unit lasts three

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    Goodwood cellars worksmanship (Exeter, UK)

    May 19, 8:50 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Even though Richard & Jim 's Goodwood cellars website is small, it shows enough to be of interest : as most furniture designers we talk about here in treehugger, Goodwood cellars started their business with one main motive : no tree felling. Richard &

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    Fuel Cell Update

    May 19, 8:49 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Lately, we at Treehugger have reported some negative things about the potential future of fuel cell cars. While I don't personally feel that fuel cells would be best used in cars and am more of a proponent of developing battery technology so that we can

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    Cuban Organic Shade-Grown Coffee from Merchants of Green Coffee

    May 19, 8:40 AM by TreeHugger in Green Food

    For decades, American sanctions against Cuba have left farmers without

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    Hip & Zen For Summer

    May 19, 8:25 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Fashion

    We featured Hip & Zen not too long ago, with their handy little symbols that denote whether items are handmade, fair-trade, made from recycled materials, or all-natural, but with summer approaching we wanted to write about some new products that the

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    Survey shows fewer treehuggers among young Australians

    May 19, 8:10 AM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    A survey of 55,000 Australians shows that the younger generation is not as green as the old one. They care less about recycling and don't feel that action to avoid serious environmental damage is urgent. One possible explanation for this depressing news

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    Oil-eating bacteria to clean up spills

    May 19, 7:45 AM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    I'm sure nobody here has to be convinced that oil spills are bad things. Cleaning them up is arduous and always a compromise between various unsatisfactory methods; when scientists tell us that the cleanest way to get rid of the oil is to burn it, and

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    Global Innovative's Eco-Pro(TM) Energy Saver for Streetlight Illumination

    May 19, 7:30 AM by TreeHugger in Gadgets

    This newly announced product is strong evidence that Amory Lovins is right when he argues that you have to "get out of the box" to achieve radical efficiency improvements. HONG KONG -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 05/17/2005 -- Global Innovative Systems Inc. (OTC

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    Green Things from ICFF

    May 19, 7:20 AM by TreeHugger in Style

    the International Contemporary Furniture Fair just ended and as always, there is much to amaze and delight. The New York Times considered it less edgy than usual but if you look at Mocoloco its pretty impressive. Trolling for green and sustainable

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    Good To The Last Drop - Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

    May 18, 1:39 PM by TreeHugger in Green Food

    We all know the drill – the coffee mug, the coffee break, the daily coffee stop on the way in to work…we actually decided to mix it up this morning and try a new coffee. We know, it’s hard to imagine, but Green Mountain Coffee Roasters really sparked

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    Recycle Phones for Food

    May 18, 12:41 PM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Here's yet another use for your old cell phones, this time for Canadians. The mission of the thINK FOOD / Phones-for-Food project is to alleviate hunger and divert waste from landfill sites by raising funds for local food banks through the process of

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    Building Stuff Out of Fluff

    May 18, 12:17 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Well, its not the most glamourous of products, but Composite Products of America is doing what few of done: they are building consumer products out of unsorted garbage. The material they produce is called Fluff® — their name for the extruded, 100%

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    Hawaii's biggest polluter: The Kilauea Volcano

    May 18, 12:15 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    The Kilauea has been sending 1000 metric tons of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere of Hawaii each day since 1983. That's 6000 times more than the industrial polluters on the island and it gives the volcano the double title of most popular tourist

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    Glass LED Table by Ingo Maurer

    May 18, 11:48 AM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Here is another gem found on Jill Fehrenbacher's Inhabitat blog. The table has 278 LEDs embedded between two sheets of safety glass. The LEDs appear to be suspended in air — energy efficient and vivid. The lights can be dimmed or turned off if


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