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    Perfect Pitch: the Siyathemba Field of Hope

    May 21, 9:15 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Congratulations to Pittsburgh architect Swee Hong Ng, the winner of the "Siyathemba," design competition. 300 designers from around the world competed to design a sports and HIV/AIDS outreach center in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, an area with

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    Wind map shows that world's wind potential is huge

    May 21, 8:40 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    This story about a global wind map created by Cristina Archer and Mark Jacobson, both of Stanford University (readers looking for an interesting academic path take note: Stanford has a program called "Atmosphere/Energy"), has been spreading across the

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    Crude Awakening-Globe and Mail Series

    May 21, 8:23 AM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    The Globe and Mail, Canada's major serious newspaper, has started a seven day series "Crude Awakening" about the effects of Peak Oil on Canada and the World. Articles today include Supply- Are Saudi reserves drying up? and Demand- the Unquenchable thirst

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    Alternative to Copper Paint on Ship's Hulls

    May 20, 12:56 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    For ages, sailors have used copper-based paint to cover their hulls. The copper kills algae, barnacles and other sea creatures that attach themselves to the hull. Basically, it is so poisonous that nothing can withstand it. Unfortunately, the copper

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    Brent Coomber's Fallen Branch Furniture

    May 20, 10:08 AM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    AAIIIIYYYEEE! There's something about seeing natural grain like this that makes want to wail like a camel herder. I couldn't get the variegated patterns out of my mind last night. You can click here to get a full look. Brent Coomber is a Vancouver-based

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    IdleAir: An End To Truck Idling?

    May 20, 10:06 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    Many truckers will idle their trucks all night at truck stops, in order to run air conditioning and other appliances. When I first heard this, I couldn't quite believe it, since the fuel cost must be huge. Apparently it's not enough to stop the practice.

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    Saving the Planet With Pesticides & Plastic

    May 20, 10:06 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    The Center for Global Food Issues is not a parody web site. Yet they are selling a book entitled Saving the Planet With Pesticides & Plastic. Quite audacious of them. Apparently the book is real, and it can be yours for $23.95. I'd actually like to

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    The National Soy Ink Information Center

    May 20, 9:12 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    So you’ve been following TreeHugger for awhile, you know you want to turn your office into a green environment and one of the tips you’ve been looking for is where to get soy ink. Thanks to Chris L., we’ve got it. First, did you know that the American

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    Birkenstock vs Birkenstock

    May 20, 9:01 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Fashion

    We just love to see Treehuggers in the news. Today the Wall Street Journal talks about the Birkenstock scandal- "Dallas on the Rhine".It seems that the ex-wife of the Birkenstock heir has started selling her own version of the shoe and hubby doesn't like

  • pzorigens.jpg

    Sustaining tradition: Orígens 99.9%

    May 20, 9:00 AM by TreeHugger in Green Food

    One of our favourite restaurants here in Barcelona is Orígens 99.9%. The food is so delicious and the interiors look so healthy that I just assumed it was all organic, or rather 99.9% of it. Convinced that it would be my next post for Treehugger I

  • breezehouse.jpg

    Breezehouse Prefab at Sunset Celebration

    May 20, 8:44 AM by TreeHugger in Modular Design

    Prefabs are great because so much less energy is consumed building them, so much less material is wasted and they are so much more airtight. One of the big drawbacks of modular construction is basically the cost of shipping so much air- some of the

  • columbia-river-01.jpg

    Guy spends 165 days swimming in Columbia River, has aquatic epiphany

    May 20, 7:35 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Christopher D. Swain, an average man by his own description, discovered how interconnected we are with nature and how badly we treat her by swimming the Columbia River (largest river flowing into the Pacific Ocean in North-America). Herbicide baths

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    Home Wind Turbines in the Fringe Suburbs

    May 20, 7:19 AM by TreeHugger in Renewable Energy

    According to a recent Denver Post feature article, written as a human interest story, wind turbines are coming to the suburbs. A snip from the article: "The home, equipped with electric heat, was generating winter power bills of $400 a month. As soon as

  • MG-rover-hybrids-01.jpg

    Branson wants MG Rover to make hybrids

    May 20, 7:10 AM by TreeHugger in Cars

    A little more than a month ago, Sir Richard Branson, successful British entrepreneur and founder of Virgin, suggested in an article written for The Independent that England's government invest in collapsing British automaker MG Rover so that it could

  • jaimiekennedy.jpg

    Jamie Kennedy picks Organic Wines

    May 20, 7:02 AM by TreeHugger in Green Food

    Jamie Kennedy runs one of the coolest and best restaurants in Toronto- a stunning wine bar where he cooks little treats from organic and local food. in this month's Greenliving magazine, he picks four top organic wines. None are local- "Organic

  • columbia-river-01.jpg

    Another battle in the war between cloth and disposable nappies

    May 20, 7:00 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Sometimes it's hard to be a treehugger (it's hard work as Bush would say). You think that you're doing the right thing and then, bam! a new study with findings that nuance or downright contradict the results of the last one. Last December, we wrote this

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    FBI Alert for Treehugger Wackos

    May 19, 2:00 PM by TreeHugger in Corporate Responsibility

    We just had to screenshot that Sploid headline. Environmental and animal rights extremists who have turned to arson and explosives are the nation’s top domestic terrorism threat, the FBI has told lawmakers. Don't just worry about those foreigner types

  • envirope.jpg

    Envirope Hammocks

    May 19, 12:37 PM by TreeHugger in Natural Sciences

    Warm weather is just about here for some of us, so we'll be heading out to lie on one of these with much gusto. Envirope hammocks are made from old soda bottles by members of Twin Oaks Community in Virginia. They sell them for $139.00. They also make


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