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    live|work: Healthy Machines — A New Service?

    October 4, 12:41 PM by Tamara Giltsoff in Clean Technology

    I wish, I wish every (electronic) product I own had it's own IP address so that when it decides to no longer work or when a part fails then I can service it or at least I can organise servicing it easily and seamlessly because all of the information

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    live|work: The new business of changing behaviors

    September 20, 10:03 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Culture

    Last weekend I attended, and presented at, the world's first service innovation and design conference —"Emergence" — kindly hosted by Carnegie Mellon University. The event was filled with leaders in the field (there aren't many!). My

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    live|work: "I have a dream..."

    September 6, 10:26 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Clean Technology

    This post is a little different to my regular ones, it is a 'comment' as opposed to an article, but I think it underpins the philosophy and tone of what we at live|work espouse and I have been sharing with you in my Treehugger posts since June this

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    live|work: Dott 07 — How do we want to live?

    August 23, 7:07 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Culture

    "How do we want to live?" is a great question. How we close the gap between the answer and the reality is the challenge. Dott (Design Of The Times) is a ten year programme of design innovation that will take place every two years in a different region

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    live|work: If Energy Were A Colour

    August 8, 2:59 PM by Tamara Giltsoff in Clean Technology

    The problem with energy is that it’s invisible, we can’t see how much we waste or over-consume (I introduced this notion in my last Treehugger feature). And the same sentence works when you replace ‘energy’ with ‘CO2’. Someone once asked me to imagine

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    live|work: Service My Behaviour

    July 26, 10:20 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Clean Technology

    Apple and Nike have joined together to servisize the running shoe — the ultimate product to service system shift. Now, I think this is a genius service, (for all the reasons the ipod and itunes is genius — the product is clearly wonderful, but

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    live|work: The "Longtail"and reducing muda

    July 12, 7:15 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Clean Technology

    11th July sees the book launch of The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More by Chris Anderson, Editor of Wired. I’ve been thinking a lot about his theories on mass customization and the connection to service innovation and

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    live|work: Brand 'dematerial'

    June 27, 7:03 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Sustainable Product Design

    Here's a new brand phenomenon (maybe): 'brand dematerial' or 'brand 4 less stuff'. The world of non-material branding is still pretty immature compared to its big brother product. So, it's not so easy to obsess about the services you use or

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    live|work: Prosumers - They Can Change The World

    June 14, 8:20 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Clean Technology

    Here's a great example of disintermediation designed around the social trend of pro-active and self-organising consumer behaviours ie, people actively choosing and creating their own ways to get things done, often together, and sharing opinions of

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    live|work: You Are Welcome To Your SUV

    June 7, 7:50 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Clean Technology

    Transforming transport services to improve the access to health and care for the elderly in isolated rural communities in the North of England proves to be an unexpected source of inspiration for those with an alternative vision of mobility. Last week

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    live|work: 'Mobility' — The Verb for Car

    May 31, 8:43 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Cars

    We are seeing convergence happen across industries and individuals collecting/aggregating their personal choices together in one networked place and comparing to each other. Here's a provocation: brand 'Mobility' does this for transport. What if a car

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    TreeHugger and live|work have Teamed Up!

    May 15, 3:07 PM by Tamara Giltsoff in About TreeHugger

    Tamara is the Managing Director of OZOlab – which exists to create, incubate and market new eco businesses under the OZO brand umbrella. OZOcar, New York’s eco-chic, luxury car service, is the first in the portfolio of businesses. Prior to OZO Tamara


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