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    Sexy Cycling NYC?

    October 9, 11:06 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Cars

    On Saturday night I attended The New Yorker Festival: David Byrne Presents How New Yorkers Ride Bikes courtesy of Fuseproject who had invited me along. I love cycling and bicycles: I revel in the freedom of spinning around the city on my bike and I also

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    August 27, 1:41 PM by Tamara Giltsoff in Corporate Responsibility

    "Rentalism" is the new consumption. I just made that word up because I think rental is on the tip of a rebirth. Now's surely the time not to be burdend by the ownership of stuff that costs money, takes up space and wastes planetary resources, but to

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    Share, Share, Share

    August 2, 10:08 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Cars

    I’ve covered quite a few items on sharing or doing things together in my posts in the last year and it seems like the notion is really taking off in areas, in particular transportation. And while I’m on the subject, I must credit Dave Chiu for sharing

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    Fasting — Re-Thinking The System That Is Food

    July 11, 3:11 PM by Tamara Giltsoff in Green Food

    Last week I spent a whole week fasting, on a Jiva retreat in France. I should probably call it cleansing because not eating for a week is one means to the whole process of totally rejuvenating my system and re-thinking my framing of food, happiness and

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    Shared Property Investment

    June 25, 11:52 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Corporate Responsibility

    I’ve been in London recently, over from NYC, catching up with the life I left behind a year ago. I am lucky to own a small property and have not done badly out of the investment I made six years ago. But get this, most of the UK can no longer afford to

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    Isn't Marketing About Selling More?

    June 7, 5:24 PM by Tamara Giltsoff in Corporate Responsibility

    I am at interesting marketing trends conference in London today, hosted by PSFK.com. In fact, I was speaking on a 'green' panel at the conference. My role: to communicate the service paradigm, and its connection to sustainability, to an audience who are

  • karma-capt-k-001.jpg

    Karma Capitalism And The Service Paradigm

    May 16, 12:27 PM by Tamara Giltsoff in Corporate Responsibility

    There's a brilliant write-up on the learning from Trend Buero's Trend Day, entitled Karma Capitalism, on theeightfold.com that seems to talk alot to the service paradigm. I thought it was worth sharing some of the insights with Treehug readers and

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    Service My Parking Space Zipcar

    May 2, 12:53 PM by Tamara Giltsoff in Cars

    Being the ultimate consumer product service system (PSS) I am of course a big fan of Zipcar — (and Streetcar — its competitor) — the pay-as-you-go car service. And now I find out (on PSFK) they are doing more smart service things in Lond

  • Tmobile.gif

    More Is (Sadly) Still More

    April 20, 10:08 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Sustainable Product Design

    This article is about opportunity. Problem opportunity. I usually try to write about exciting and innovative service solutions that are challenging the product economic paradigm and shifting our world into 21st century business practice. My objective

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    70 Max — Are You In?

    April 3, 3:07 PM by Tamara Giltsoff in Cars

    70 Max is a grass roots 'collective' campaign in the UK that encourages driving under 70 mph* (112 km/h), suggesting if everyone in the UK did this it would save a ton of carbon. It's kind of a new type of membership, inclusively to those who can

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    live|work: Love The Service

    February 14, 2:27 PM by Tamara Giltsoff in Corporate Responsibility

    I've been thinking recently about the relationship between service experience and sustainability. (Hhhhhhhhm, maybe this is an obvious one I'll wait to get my comments). Firstly, there's the very powerful notion of 'a service paradigm' (and

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    live|work: Rent it. Share it. Fall in love?

    February 1, 10:42 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Sustainable Product Design

    The other day I came across Erento on PSFK. It's official, renting or sharing stuff is socially acceptable AND, potentially, socially or romantically rewarding. (Renting things like TVs has been seen as the poor

  • viringlimo.gif

    live|work: Access — A New Luxury?

    January 17, 10:15 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Cars

    I know that Branson has committed $1 billion to alternative fuel development in the next four years; I didn't know he was operating a product service system (PSS) that is (almost) Treehugging, until Dave Chiu pointed it out to me. Limobike only really

  • nothing-material.gif

    live|work: Low Carb Christmas

    December 13, 6:00 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Sustainable Product Design

    So, it's coming up to Christmas. And there's been some great gift guides from our favorite blogs. But I'd like to gift without having to consume a material good and load up my carbon debt. Yes, I know it seems odd because we live in a propertied

  • weownthestreets.jpg

    live|work: We Own The Streets

    November 29, 10:13 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Bikes

    Just love this New York image posted on PSFK recently. Bicycles in New York don't seem to quite yet "Own the street", unless you count cycling the wrong way up the street head-on into the traffic, but they could. Or, they are coming. If they are

  • designforprosperity.jpg

    live|work: The Design of Prosperity / The Design of an Energy Economy

    November 16, 2:23 PM by Tamara Giltsoff in Culture

    Last week Boras, in Sweden, hosted The Design of Prosperity, "possibly the best conference in the world" according to a friend of mine who attended. I didn't get a chance to go, but a conference that couples design, change and innovation and how

  • sun-micro.jpg

    live|work: Access Over Ownership

    November 1, 10:23 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Clean Technology

    Last week I was presenting at the Sustainable Innovation 06 conference at IIT in Chicago and to my delight the service paradigm and approach to innovation (ie beyond the product or techonocentric approach) was heartedly represented. It's great to

  • pumpkins.gif

    live|work: Service My Stomach

    October 18, 10:07 AM by Tamara Giltsoff in Clean Technology

    This week's post is as much about drawing attention to a new UK food service "If-food?", and eliciting feedback on it, as it is advertising the need for a business partner in the venture. So, if this idea resonates with you and you are the type


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