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    Book Review: Deep Economy by Bill McKibben

    April 11, 3:59 PM by Siel in Corporate Responsibility

    Drive alone into a gated community in the suburbs, to park in a private, 2-car garage and hole up in a secret internet room. This is what our wealth has bought us, according to activist and author Bill McKibben: Ways to better seclude ourselves. In

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    The Real Dirt on Farmer John

    April 5, 11:09 AM by Siel in Green Food

    What do orange feather boas have to do with farming? For Midwestern farmer John Peterson, bright, glammy outfits work just fine for his 80-90 hour weeks on the Angelic Organics farm. "I love glitz, I love glitter, I love glamour," says Farmer John

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    Siel's 100-Mile Diet Adventures Finale

    March 12, 9:39 AM by Siel in Green Food

    Coffee's the first thing I have in the morning, as anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows. And most who drink coffee know that those beans doesn't

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    Book Review: Fermenting Revolution

    February 27, 3:17 PM by Siel in Green Food

    Want to save the world? Drink beer! Okay -- It's not as simple as that, but Christopher Mark O'Brien's beer book -- Fermenting Revolution: How to Drink Beer and Save the World -- clearly shows how your drinking habits can affect the world around you.

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    100-Mile Diet: Liquid Dinner

    February 12, 11:23 AM by Siel in Green Food

    100-mile dieters in Californians are lucky, because if a locally-grown meal somehow goes wrong, they can always buy a nice bottle of Californian wine to get

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    100-Mile Diet: Bread!

    January 17, 10:28 AM by Siel in Green Food

    [Previous 100-mile adventure posts are here, here, and here] For would-be 100-mile-dieters with a life, sandwiches are de rigeur. But sandwiches are made of bread, and most people don't bake their own loaves. So -- How does one locate 100-mile-friendly

  • siel-grass-01.jpg

    100 Mile Diet: Grass-Fed Bison, Anyone?

    December 27, 12:22 AM by Siel in Green Food

    [Previous 100-mile adventure posts: Part I and Part II] A secret of the Santa Monica farmers' market: It's heaven for ethical carnivores (If you believe that phrase to be an oxymoron, skip to paragraph 3). Looking for free range, organic, grass-fed

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    100 Mile Diet: Insta-Garden, Insta-Meal

    December 4, 10:48 AM by Siel in Green Food

    [Previous 100-mile adventure post] Do you ever get eco-overwhelmed? Let me explain what I mean. I'll think: I should do the 100-mile diet. Then, I'll think: I should start a porch garden for my 100-mile-diet. Then, I'll think: I should start a compost

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    Faernyn's Grove: Wedding Gowns and Fetish Wear, Eco-Style

    November 24, 4:22 PM by Siel in Style

    These funky, eclectic pieces, all

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    Black Gold: A Coffee Film That Has Starbucks Scared

    November 9, 6:02 AM by Siel in Green Food

    Treehuggers have probably heard about fair trade coffee, but many aren't familiar with it – and even more don't quite know what fair trade means, or why it's necessary. Despite the fact that a coffee crisis has been financially devastating coffee growers

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    100 Mile Diet: I Never Promised You a Tomato Garden

    November 3, 11:57 AM by Siel in Green Food

    When I joined the 100-mile diet, I felt psyched, energized, inspired. I felt greener than green.

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    TreeHugger Welcomes Writer Siel

    November 1, 12:29 AM by Siel in About TreeHugger

    Siel is a graduate student and writer in sunny Southern California. She's out to revamp green consumer culture, one fair trade cup of coffee at a time. In addition to writing for Treehugger, she blogs regularly at Green LA Girl and edits WorldChanging


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