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    Maker Faire Goodies: Wooden Bikes

    May 1, 7:47 AM by Sean Fisher in Bikes

    The TreeHugger crew was out in full force at last week's Maker Faire scoping out the creative bunch of DIYers that call themselves Makers. This week we will be featuring some of the coolest eco-DIY projects we found as well as the Makers who created

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    "Unexpected Green" Contest: Send Us Your Entries!

    April 28, 4:39 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised in what you find at traditionally un-green places. As more and more big box retailers are starting to see the advantages of sustainable products, greener products are appearing on their shelves. Well, we want

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    "Unexpected Green" Contest: Sponsored by Earth

    April 26, 2:41 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    If you are a faithful TreeHugger reader, you probably know that our contests are a great way to score free swag from some of the best green retailers on the net. This month, Earth (the shoe company, not the planet) is putting up a $350 gift certificate

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    TreeHugger's "Unexpected Green" Contest

    April 24, 12:39 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    As much as TreeHugger loves to support the "little guy", we understand that it is important to support the "big guys" going green as well. Even the most active TreeHuggers have to venture into the big box retailers every now and again (say nothing of

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    TreeHugger at Maker Faire: Who Wants Tickets?

    April 19, 2:36 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    If our write up of the Maker Faire yesterday made you salivate at the chance of catching a weekend's worth of DIY geekery, you might want to rush over to MAKE's site and get some tickets. Or, I guess we could just give you some of ours. That's right,

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    "Eco-Packaging" Contest Winner: Co-op Corn Starch Bags

    April 10, 4:10 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Congratulations to Ryan Freeburn, the winner of our "Eco-Packaging" Contest and proud new owner of a complete Loomstate outfit. His co-op corn starch bags barely beat out the rest of the great finalists that we had. We would like to thank all those who

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    "Eco-Packaging" Contest: One Day to Vote

    April 5, 11:58 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    The voting to determine the winner of our "Eco-Packaging" Contest is close, and with only a day left, your vote might decide who takes home the contest prize - a complete outfit from eco-style retailers Loomstate! Take a look at our great finalists and

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    "Eco-Packaging" Contest: Time to Vote

    April 3, 12:56 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    It is time to vote for the winner of our "Eco-Packaging" Contest. Please take a look at all of the finalists below and vote for what you think is the best example of eco-packaging. Remember, the winner you choose will take home a complete outfit from

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    "Eco-Packaging" Finalist: Yeo Valley Organic Yogurt

    April 3, 12:40 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Sometimes simple ideas really are the best. Such is the case with the packaging for Yeo Valley Organic Yogurt sent to us by finalist Lascelles Linton. According to the Yeo Valley website, the yogurt "pots" are made from "thinnest possible grade of

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    "Eco-Packaging" Finalist: Little Animals

    April 3, 12:38 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Finalist Jasmin Chua sent us something for the little ones as her entry into the contest - Little Animals organic cotton shirts. Described by the website as "tees for little humans", these shirts are uber-green (organic unbleached cotton, made in USA)

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    "Eco-Packaging" Finalist: Netflix

    April 3, 12:30 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    When you think of multimedia packaging, you usually think of thick plastic cases with glossy paper inserts wrapped in more layers of sheet plastic - in other words, resource-intensive material...and lots of it. Thankfully, finalist Lara Gordon's entry

  • radishes.jpg

    "Eco-Packaging" Finalist: Co-op Corn Starch Bags

    April 3, 12:10 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Simple, functional, biodegrable, and even compostable - Ryan Freeburn's entry in our "Eco-Packaging" Contest has eco-mojo to spare. His local co-op packages their goods in corn starch-based plastic bags instead of what Ryan refers to as "regular old

  • austinsoap.jpg

    "Eco-Packaging" Finalist: Austin Natural Soap

    April 3, 11:55 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Sometimes a product should be recognized for what it doesn't have rather than what it does have. Jessica Wood's entry, Austin Natural Soap, struck us with its simplicity and, in particular, with what it is missing - unnecessary packaging. Instead of

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    "Eco-Packaging" Finalist: Good Mornin' Earrings

    April 3, 11:50 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Finalist Tiffany Threadgould didn't have to look far to find a good example of eco-packaging - she uses it herself. We have covered her company, Tiffany Tomato Designs before, but this particular product may be one of her most inventive packaging ideas.

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    "Eco-Packaging" Contest: Last Day to Enter

    March 27, 11:11 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Today is the last day to get your chance at a complete Loomstate eco-outfit by entering our "Eco-Packaging" Contest. All you need in order to enter is send us an example of well-designed, functional eco-friendly packaging at: contest [at] treehugger

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    "Eco-Packaging" Contest: Time is Running Out!

    March 24, 1:35 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    If you are thinking of entering our "Eco-Packaging" Contest, be sure to get your entries in soon! The last day to send us your entry is this Monday, March 27th, in order to be eligible for the contest prize - a complete clothing outfit from the green

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    "Eco-Packaging" Contest: Get Your Entries In!

    March 22, 11:34 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Our "Eco-Packaging" Contest is still going strong, but we need your entries! Remember, we are asking you to give us some examples of TreeHuggger-approved packaging this month - well-designed, functional and, most importantly, green. If your entry is

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    Aveda Eco-Overnight Pack

    March 20, 5:31 PM by Sean Fisher in Green Food

    Long known for their eco-friendly beauty products, Aveda seems to be branching out into cosmetic accessories, such as this 100% organic cotton "eco-overnight pack." According to the website, the pack is equipt with "four small pockets and a removable


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