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    TreeHugger T-Shirt Design Contest

    July 17, 8:28 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    TreeHugger readers are, on average, a very design-saavy bunch. So, when we were in need of new T-shirt designs for the TreeHugger CafePress store, we gots to thinking: what great design ideas are lurking in the minds of our readers? And, what better

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    Nest: Modern Kid-Friendly Furniture

    June 23, 1:30 PM by Sean Fisher in Interior Design

    After becoming frustrated at the lack of options for safe and stylish children's furnishings, Will and Laura Wear decided to take matters into their own hands. The result of their enterprise is Nest, a line of children's products made with

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    The Pot of Fire: Summer Grill Extraordinaire

    June 15, 1:05 PM by Sean Fisher in Natural Sciences

    Form of... flame! Shape of... a grill! We have pointed out in the past that conventional grilling isn't exactly the healthiest thing to do, but since most of us are going to do it anyway this summer, we might as well do it in style. If you want to

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    "Unexpected Green" Contest: We Have a Winner

    May 23, 4:32 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Congratulations to the commo boys of the 1/506th infantry regiment (and a big thanks to Ken Zemach for submitting the entry for them) for winning our "Unexpected Green" Contest. The 1/506th have won a $350 gift certificate from the shoe specialists at

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    TreeHugger TV Survey: Thanks!

    May 22, 3:16 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    The TreeHugger TV team would like to extend a huge thanks to all of you who participated in our TreeHugger TV Survey. Your responses will help make TreeHugger TV better able to show what you want, how and when you want it. We would also like to extend

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    TreeHugger TV Survey Closes Tonight

    May 17, 3:45 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Thanks so much to everyone who has already participated in ourTreeHugger TV Survey. Your input is important in making TreeHugger TV better with every episode. If you have yet to fill out the survey, we urge you to do so right away - let us know what

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    "Unexpected Green" Contest: Last Chance to Vote

    May 16, 11:09 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    We are running down to the wire in the voting for our "Unexpected Green" Contest. So, if you have not yet voted, please go check out our finalists and vote for what you think is the most unexpectedly green entry. The finalists with the most total

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    Fill Out the TreeHugger TV Survey and Win!

    May 15, 4:14 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    We have had some great responses to our TreeHugger TV Survey already, however the more responses we get, the better we can make THTV. And, to thank you for your input, we are picking a survey respondant at random to win a very cool HER Design tote bag

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    Let Us Know What You Think of TreeHugger TV

    May 12, 9:28 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Want to help shape the future of TreeHugger TV? Take the THTV survey, tell us what you think, and you could win a great prize package from the folks at HER Design. Details from the THTV team after the jump... What do you want? When do you want it? As

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    "Unexpected Green" Contest: Time to Vote

    May 11, 12:26 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    The entries are in, the finalists picked, and the survey is ready - it is time to choose the winner of our "Unexpected Green" Contest sponsored by Earth. Please take a final look at each of our five finalists and vote for what you think in the most

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    "Unexpected Green" Finalist: Organic Cotton Sheets

    May 11, 11:40 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    When you talk about big-box stores, you certainly can't leave out the reigning king of the mini-mall - Bed, Bath, and Beyond. And, along with Target, you also can't leave out Bed Bath & Beyond in any discussion about green products finding their way

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    "Unexpected Green" Finalist: Wedding Invitations

    May 11, 11:19 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Lorry Strother's entry into our "Unexpected Green" Contest would fit right in with our recent post on green weddings. While trying to plan her own green wedding, Lorry stumbled upon Seal and Send's 100% recycled "Environment" paper (clever name, huh?)

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    "Unexpected Green" Finalist: US Army Rechargeable Batteries

    May 10, 3:27 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    One of America's biggest consumers might be getting a little bit greener. Finalist Ken Zemach, who is working with the 1/506th infantry regiment in Ramadi, Iraq, writes to let us know that the US Army is making a push towards rechargeable batteries -

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    "Unexpected Green" Finalist: Highway Signs

    May 10, 1:03 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Contest finalist Brenton Klik's entry is admittedly not a green "product", but its location certainly unexpected. Overhead the D.C. Beltway, highway notice signs are telling drivers "Slower Driving Saves Gas." Hmmm, for some reason I remember someone

  • ingeobed.jpg

    "Unexpected Green" Finalist: Ingeo Corn-Based Fabric

    May 10, 11:28 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    A little over a year ago, we told you about a corn-based biodegradable fabric called Ingeo. Well, it appears as if Ingeo is starting to hit the mainstream. "Unexpected Green" Contest finalist Kerry Hassler spotted a complete Ingeo line of bedding at

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    Maker Faire Goodies: Blissen

    May 4, 1:41 PM by Sean Fisher in Green Home

    In the middle of the forest of craft tents at the Maker Faire, we found TreeHugger favorite Blissen sporting their usual funky handmade recycled paper and fabric goods, such as this "necklace noteset." As we have come to expect from Blissen, the

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    "Unexpected Green" Contest: Ends Tomorrow

    May 4, 10:55 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Time is running out to submit your entry for our "Unexpected Green" Contest - tomorrow is the last day we will accept entries. So, if you have found "green" objects in surprising (and traditionally un-green) places, send them to us at: contest [at]

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    "Unexpected Green" Contest: Last Week to Enter

    May 2, 12:15 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    The last day to enter our "Unexpected Green" Contest quickly approaching - this Friday, May 5th. Just as a quick refresher, we are looking for green items you have found in normally not so green places, big box retailers, mall stores, the Exxon-Mobil


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