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    More on PARK(ing) Day

    September 20, 4:19 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    As we reminded you earlier, tomorrow is PARK(ing) Day - an international event that "challenges people to rethink the way streets are used and reinforces the need for urban open space." As Lloyd put it a few weeks ago, "Now it is beyond an artistic

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    Now That's Festival Food

    September 19, 5:11 PM by Sean Fisher in Green Food

    Goodbye hot dogs, pizza and cola - hello mango/chamomile soup, organic kettle corn and organic sweet iced tea. Perhaps the greenest part of last weekend's Austin City Limits festival was not in the carbon offsetting or the banning of styrofoam, it was

  • LA-Traffic.jpg

    Wasting Away in Traffic

    September 19, 3:55 PM by Sean Fisher in Cars

    The average American will spend almost a full work week in traffic, according to a new study by the Texas Transportation Institute. The 38 hours per year the average commuter spends stuck in their car every year means 26 extra gallons of gas and $710

  • bike_parking_street.jpg

    More Bike Parking: Always a Good Decision

    September 18, 5:11 PM by Sean Fisher in Bikes

    While many cities still require a certain number of parking spaces in new developments, Washington D.C. is on the verge of mandating a different type of parking: parking space for bicycles. The motion currently going through the city's council would

  • mazda_biofabric.jpg

    Mazda Shows Off Car Interiors from Biofabric

    September 13, 1:58 PM by Sean Fisher in Cars

    In what could be the next frontier of the green car race, the car company Mazda has developed an interior automotive fabric made from plants. It could be that Mazda saw Honda's biofabric development last year and wanted to jump on board with one of

  • carsharing_parking.jpg

    Municipalities Try to Tax Car-Sharing

    September 12, 4:32 PM by Sean Fisher in Cars

    We love the concept of car-sharing, which allows individuals to go car-free without being relegated to the side of the car-centric areas in which many of us live. Unfortunately, not everyone shares our enthusiasm. On the heels of a similar attempt in

  • austin_city_limits.jpg

    Austin City Limits Plans Greener Music Festival

    September 11, 8:04 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    When it comes to minimizing the footprint of mega-events, music festivals seem to be ahead of the curve. Obviously Live Earth had programs in place to reduce the impact of the worldwide concerts, but recently internationally-renowned yearly music

  • pearl_fuelcell_bike.jpg

    Chinese Company Plans Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bike

    September 10, 2:09 PM by Sean Fisher in Bikes

    Last year, we mentioned China's rush towards fuel cell technology. Although most of this work was intended to break into China's booming consumer auto market, apparently the technology is working its way into the bicycle market as well. Last week the

  • NYIT_solar_decathlon.jpg

    Solar Decathlon Saturday: NYIT

    September 8, 4:52 PM by Sean Fisher in Sustainable Product Design

    We have already given you a sneak peak at this year's Solar Decathlon entries from the University of Illinois and the University of Cincinnati. This week, we are taking a look at the New York Institute of Technology's solar home - OPEN House. After

  • satsuma_swaddle.jpg

    Satsuma Spins Bamboo for Your Newborn

    September 7, 2:53 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    If you want the best blend of comfort, health, and eco-friendliness for your newborn (and for some reason we think you do), you gotsta go with bamboo fiber. For this reason, Satsuma is starting their line with one and only one product: a 100% bamboo

  • sacramento_skyline.jpg

    Sacramento: The Up and Coming Green City

    September 7, 2:31 PM by Sean Fisher in Sustainable Product Design

    Buoyed by a directive from the Governator himself that all state office building achieve at least a silver LEED rating, California's capital city has quietly built itself a mini-empire of green buildings. Sacramento's 4.3 million square feet of

  • volvo_recharge.jpg

    Volvo ReCharge

    September 6, 3:47 PM by Sean Fisher in Cars

    So far we have had Chevy, Ford and Toyota showing off plug-in hybrids in various stages of production. Next up in the plug-in parade: Volvo. Volvo has already shown off its eco-chops with advances in fuel efficiency, creating a prototype that can run

  • schoolkids.jpg

    Getting Students to Walk It Out

    September 5, 6:51 PM by Sean Fisher in Corporate Responsibility

    Want a sure sign of our growing auto dependency over the last 30 years? Look at how many kids now walk to school. A 2003 study by the Surface Transportation Policy Project showed that although 71 percent of parents with school-aged children walked to

  • cow_farm.jpg

    Warmer Summers Mean Changing Cheese

    September 4, 4:48 PM by Sean Fisher in Green Food

    Story after story has shown global warming's effects on everything from flowers to rivers to...kittens. However, this is the last straw - you don't mess with a man's cheese. NPR reports that many regional cheeses are changing in quality and taste as

  • volt1.jpg

    Excess Nightime Energy Could Fuel Over 158 Million Plug-in Hybrids

    September 4, 3:35 PM by Sean Fisher in Cars

    One common critique of an electric car revolution is that the increased energy demand might just lead to the generation of new power plants, negating some of the cars' positive environmental benefits. Well, according to a new study by the U.S.

  • tire_pressure.jpg

    New Cars to Check Tire Pressure Automatically

    August 29, 7:24 PM by Sean Fisher in Cars

    We have said it before, and we will say it again - checking your tire pressure is one of the easiest ways that you can green your driving. However, even the most prudent of us forgets to pull out the tire gauge every 30 days. That can, of course,

  • tailgating.jpg

    Football Season Is at Hand: Green Your Tailgating

    August 28, 3:19 PM by Sean Fisher in Natural Sciences

    As (American) football starts to wind down its pre-season and fans anxiously await their high school, college and professional teams' season debut, tailgating is on many a mind. Just as the coaches are tinkering with their playbooks in these last few

  • cleveland_ecovillage.jpg

    Old Industrial Cities Give Rise to Urban Ecovillages

    August 27, 5:02 PM by Sean Fisher in Sustainable Product Design

    Maybe we have finally found a positive result of urban sprawl. When population flight left the urban cores of many mid-sized U.S. cities empty, good housing stock, central location, and access to jobs and transportation remained in these old urban


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