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  • electric_chargin_station.jpg

    Are Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on the Way?

    October 30, 3:15 PM by Sean Fisher in Cars

    TreeHugger is undoubtedly psyched about electric vehicles such as the Tesla and Volt coming down the pipeline. However, it seems one critical piece of the electric car puzzle has been notably absent - how do you fill 'er up? Sure, if you live in an

  • nationals_ballpark.jpg

    Attack of the Green Monster

    October 26, 12:44 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    When Sustainable Industries talks about the "green monster," they are not talking about the famous left-field wall in Boston, however they still are talking sports (although Fenway scores tons of points with us due to its longevity). Sports stadiums

  • anericas_next_top_model.jpg

    Green on TV: America's Next Top Model

    October 24, 10:05 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    So, picture a TreeHugger writer getting home, exicted to watch Game 1 of the World Series on TV. Now, picture that same TreeHugger writer instead sitting through an hour of the reality TV series America's Next Top Model because he couldn't get to the

  • autumn_forest.jpg

    Warming Temperatures Stunt Autumn Leaf Colors

    October 23, 1:32 PM by Sean Fisher in Corporate Responsibility

    Tourists and residents in New England used to receive a spectacular display of color on the second October of every year. However, in recent years, the show has been a bit duller and a bit later than usual. The culprit? What else - area temperatures

  • prius_limo.jpg

    Prius Limo: Green Luxury or Frankencar?

    October 19, 4:09 PM by Sean Fisher in Cars

    This thing better have a regenerative-braking powered mini-fridge. In what has to be one of the weirdest looking things to come out of Canada since our very own Lloyd (j/k Lloyd!), an enterprising Canuck has taken two Priuses, welded them together,

  • solar_panel_closeup.jpg

    Fall Into Solar Energy

    October 17, 9:20 PM by Sean Fisher in Corporate Responsibility

    Holy khakis batman! Gap announced this week a partnership with MMA Renewable Ventures to host a 1MW solar panel array at their Fresno, California distribution center. Like other MMA partnerships we have talked about (such as the

  • in_rainbows.jpg

    Radiohead Breaks Through Last Digital Music Barriers

    October 17, 5:00 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    The digital music revolution may just be complete. With one of the world's most commercially and critically successful bands releasing their new album exclusively in digital form from their website, even the most strident High Fidelity-style music

  • bible.jpg

    The Green Bible. No Really, The Green Bible.

    October 9, 8:55 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Hallelujah! Coming soon to an eco-hotel nightstand near you: a greener Bible. Christian publishing company Thomas Nelson Inc. announced today that it has just come out with the first FSC-certified Bible. With many church

  • montreal_bicycling.jpg

    Montreal Wants Paris Style Bike-Sharing

    October 8, 7:38 PM by Sean Fisher in Bikes

    In a race to become the first major North American city to roll out a "self-serve" bike-sharing program, Montreal might have the upper hand. The city is planning a bike-sharing project that could make stations available by fall of 2008, and could

  • mpg_marathon.jpg

    MPG Marathon Makes SUV Sip Fuel

    October 8, 1:23 PM by Sean Fisher in Cars

    One of the results of last week's MPG Marathon was taking a Chevy Captiva SUV filled with seven people, and getting just over 42mpg out of it - 14% better than the official 37mpg. The Marathon was a UK-based two day trip using fuel-saving driving

  • bikesharing_rack.jpg

    San Francisco Moves Towards Bike-Sharing

    October 4, 7:15 PM by Sean Fisher in Bikes

    Although a few cities are scaling down bike-sharing programs, many cities are exploring the option for their citizens. Copenhagen, for example has 2,000 bikes at 110 stations through the city. Paris? Ten times that many bikes and slightly more than

  • paris_eiffel.jpg

    Paris Pledges Emissions Cuts by 2020

    October 4, 6:41 PM by Sean Fisher in Corporate Responsibility

    Image: Flickr - markhillary While many cities around the world are plagued by infighting when it comes to cutting carbon emissions, Parisians from all ends of the spectrum are coming together to create a green plan for the city. The city's new plan

  • sanfrancisco_night.jpg

    Lights Out San Francisco

    October 3, 4:58 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Many times, all it takes is a small act to get folks thinking about a big problem. Something as simple as turning off your lights for one hour on a Saturday night can symbolize the large amount of wasted energy most of us use every

  • grahamandbrown.jpg

    Graham & Brown Eco-wallpaper

    October 1, 5:29 PM by Sean Fisher in Interior Design

    Five new hip eco-friendly wallpaper patterns are the result of a design challenge given to 22 students at Central St. Martins University in London. Wallpaper/wall art company Graham & Brown asked the students to design fashion-conscious sustainable

  • critical_mass_sf.jpg

    Critical Mass Turns 15

    September 29, 2:35 PM by Sean Fisher in Bikes

    Oh, adolescence. It was fifteen years ago this week that 40+ bicyclists got together for a group ride, showing that roads aren't just meant for cars. From this unceremonious "birth," Critical Mass has grown to become a part of the bicycle culture in

  • madison_stepitup.jpg

    Power Shift 2007: Youth Climate Summit

    September 27, 4:03 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    There's no two ways about it: sequels usually suck. Go ahead, try and convince us that Jaws 2 was a good idea - not gonna happen. So, we are glad that the sequel to this April's Step It Up event is already shaping up to be a success. Part of the

  • portland_streetcar.jpg

    U.S. Policy Plays Favorites With Public Transportation

    September 26, 6:29 PM by Sean Fisher in Cars

    It's a case that pits electricity versus petrol, density versus sprawl and tracks versus road. Portland, Oregon recently found out that their much-acclaimed streetcar system wasn't good enough for the feds. Even though their system of modern-day

  • beetle_vw.jpg

    Volkswagen To Hybridize Their Whole Line

    September 24, 2:20 PM by Sean Fisher in Cars

    Even without a single hybrid vehicle (and due to a number of diesel fueled options), Volkswagen has consistently been near the top of many fuel efficiency lists. So, just imagine what would happen if the company decided to take one of their models,


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