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    "Reader Gift Guide" Contest: Last Day for Entries

    December 18, 7:48 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Hurry up and get your green gift list together, because today is the last day we are accepting entries for our "Reader Gift Guide" Contest. In order to enter, all you need to do is start a "wist" at with three green gift ideas for the

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    "Reader Gift Guide" Contest: Get Your Entry In!

    December 16, 10:45 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    You only have a couple days left to enter our "Reader Gift Guide" Contest and have your shot at the $200 gift certificate offered from our friends at Vessel. Remember, all you need to do to enter is make a "wist" at of your three best green

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    "Weird Eco Habits" Winner: John T. Unger

    December 15, 11:15 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Congratulations to the winner of our "Weird Eco Habits" contest: John T. Unger and his Eco-BDSM. The voting was close, though, with John edging out Brad Hole's Urban Chicken Coop my a mere three votes! We would like to thank John, Brad, the other

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    "Reader Gift Guide Contest": Make a Wist

    December 14, 12:55 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    If you have been paying attention to our "Reader Gift Guide" Contest, you know that TreeHugger has been asking you to send us a list of your favorite gifts from the site (and if you haven't seen anything about the contest, be sure to go check it out).

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    "Reader Gift Guide" Contest: Win a $200 Vessel Gift Certificate!

    December 12, 3:57 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Having trouble finding green gifts for the holidays? Well, TreeHugger has you covered with our "Reader Gift Guide" Contest. Search the TreeHugger archives for great gift ideas and you could win a $200 Vessel gift certificate. All you need to do is

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    "Weird Eco Habits" Contest: Voting Ends Tomorrow

    December 12, 11:25 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Brad Hole's Urban Chicken Coop and John T. Unger's Eco-BDSM are neck-and-neck in the voting for our "Weird Eco Habits" Contest finalists. If you haven't had a chance to check these out, or the rest of our great finalists, make sure you do so (here).

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    "Weird Eco Habits" Contest: Voting Ends Tuesday

    December 8, 11:15 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Voting ends Tuesday, December 13th, for our"Weird Eco Habits" Contest, so vote for your favorite below (and feel free to comment telling us why)! If you can't get enough of TreeHugger contests, be sure to check out our December contest: "Reader Gift

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    TreeHugger Contest: Reader Gift Guide

    December 7, 11:57 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    All this month, TreeHugger has been bringing your our favorite green gift ideas in the Holiday Gift Guide. Now, it is your turn to tell us what your gift list is. Our contest this month involves searching TreeHugger and finding three gift ideas for

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    "Weird Eco Habits" Contest: Time to Vote

    December 5, 2:48 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    There are six great finalists for our "Weird Eco Habits" Contest, but like the Highlander - there can be only one. So be sure to go back and look at each finalists "weird" eco habit and choose who you think deserves the prize package from our friends at

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    MAKE Magazine Gift Guide

    December 2, 2:49 PM by Sean Fisher in Green Home

    While we were busy making our Holiday Gift Guides, our friends at MAKE Magazine were creating their own DIY wishlist. In MAKE's Mostly Under $100 Gift Guide there is a bunch of cool stuff for the DIY TreeHugger: screwdrivers, soldering equipment, and

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    "Weird Eco Habits" Contest Finalist: Tree-Friendly Fence

    December 1, 2:47 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    When Marc needed to build a fence in his backyard through where a tree already existed, he didn't cut the tree down, he built around it. Nominated by Marc's workmate, Christian Gloddy, Marc's "weird" eco habit is building tiny "portholes" in his fence

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    "Weird Eco Habit" Contest Finalist: Eco BDSM?

    December 1, 12:10 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    John T. Unger's entry to the "Weird Eco Habits" Contest starts out, "eco-bdsm is probably a weird way to save the planet." Weird? Well, yes - but that is why we had to make it a finalist. It is not every day we get to feature green design in BDSM gear.

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    "Weird Eco Habit" Contest Finalist: Battery Drop

    November 30, 7:08 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Walking through the streets of New York city, Dave Schmetterer sees a lot of litter - and it drives him absolutely crazy. Realizing he does not have the time to rid the city of all of this litter, Dave focuses his efforts on picking up as much of one

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    "Weird Eco Habits" Contest Finalist: Urban Naturalization

    November 29, 11:42 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Most TreeHuggers might not think what Terry Dube does is weird. The city inspectors where he lives, however, definitely did. You see, Terry's "weird" eco habit is his refusal to mow his lawn. For this, he had to stand up against local bylaws that

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    "Weird Eco Habits" Contest: Last Day for Entries

    November 25, 7:31 AM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Turil from Massechuttes uses a spitoon instead of tissues. Tim in Baltimore dries jeans in his car during the summer. Dave picks up all the disposable batteries he sees on the streets of New York. We've been calling all TreeHuggers to enter our

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    "Weird" Eco Habits Contest Sneak Peek: Reusing Water

    November 22, 5:00 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    Last week, we gave you the first sneak peek into our "Weird Eco Habits" contest (be sure to get your entries in by Friday!) by showing you Brad Hole's urban chicken coop in Seattle. For the next sneak peek into our contest, we cross the Pacific and head

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    "Weird Eco Habits" Contest Sneek Peak: Urban Chicken Coop

    November 18, 3:12 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    With only a week to go in our "Weird Eco Habits" contest, we thought it might be time to give all of you faithful TreeHuggers a glimpse into some of the fantastic entries we have been receiving. The first of these sneak peeks takes us to Seattle, where

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    "Weird Eco Habits" Contest: Send Us Your Entry

    November 15, 2:53 PM by Sean Fisher in Culture

    It is aobut time you got some recognition for your "weird" eco habits. TreeHugger and online retailer Greenloop have teamed up to do just that. Enter our "Weird Eco Habits" contest, and if your entry is the best/coolest/weirdest eco-habit we find,


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