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    100-Mile Diet Launches Website

    April 26, 6:16 PM by Ruben Anderson in Green Food

    Vancouverites Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon have just launched an exciting expansion of their 100-Mile Diet, a new website. From the press release......Smith and MacKinnon launched, an online guide for anyone looking to dig into local

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    Easy homemade yogourt

    December 17, 4:30 PM by Ruben Anderson in Culture

    One day I tried to figure out why no one knows how to do anything anymore. We can’t understand, let alone repair, most of the gadgets we use everyday. We increasingly eat packaged and pre-made food; even organic food often comes wrapped in plastic. We

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    GE Free fundraiser screening tonight!

    December 1, 1:05 PM by Ruben Anderson in Green Food

    Heads up all TreeHuggers in Vancouver BC. The Future of Food is opening tonight at the Fifth Avenue Cinema, 2110 Burrard St. Proceeds go to the Coalition for a GE Free BC.

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    Stop Consuming...after you buy this book.

    October 19, 4:20 PM by Ruben Anderson in Culture

    The disturbing images captured by photographer Chris Jordan, who documents the mountains of junk that we produce (in a recent post), brought to mind an oldie but goodie, Peter Menzel’s Material World. Reviewed on Amazon...

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    Your new car makes me Green with Envy.

    September 29, 12:06 PM by Ruben Anderson in Culture

    A new kind of greenspace rolled out for this year’s International Car-Free day in Vancouver, BC – a Car Park. The Vancouver Design Nerds, a fluid group of designers, architects, artists and videographers, rescued a 1973 Pontiac LeMans from a local

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    Recycling is cool but Inverse Manufacturing is Hot!

    September 6, 8:30 AM by Ruben Anderson in Culture

    Kudos to Canon and HP. A recent post highlighted the product stewardship programs that the two companies have launched for consumer products and printer cartridges, respectively. Fuji Xerox also deserves accolades for developing a product stewardship

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    Welcome Treehugger Correspondent Ruben Anderson!

    September 5, 11:12 PM by Ruben Anderson in About TreeHugger

    He entered school thinking that 'Green Products' would save the world, and left knowing they would only postpone our destruction, that


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