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    Legislation Aims to Permanently Protect N.Y./N.J. Harbor Bight

    August 8, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Corporate Responsibility

    Our friends at the Coastal Marine Resource Center are excited about new Congressional legislation under consideration that would declare 19,000 square miles of ocean in the New York/New Jersey harbor bight to be a permanently protected area. Reports the

  • kollage_cornucopia_skein.jpg

    Yarn Made From Corn

    August 7, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Sustainable Fashion

    We're always interested in hearing about new fibers being made available to hobbyists, and the latest one sounds particularly intriguing: yarn made from corn. Kollage Yarns recently developed Cornucopia, and the South West Trading Company, creator of

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    Environmentalist Solutions to NYC's Sewage Problems

    August 2, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Corporate Responsibility

    Prompted by the recent outage that left thousands of Queens residents without power for nearly a week, the Gotham Gazette has an in-depth feature this week on New York City's aging infrastructure and what can, should, and most likely will (or won't) be

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    Controversial Study Rates Hummers Over Hybrids... For Now

    July 30, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Cars

    A friend pointed us to an enormous study of cars undertaken by Art Spinella and his team at CNW Market Research. It's called "Dust to Dust" and it tracks the energy used in creating, operating, and scrapping numerous different types of cars, even

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    Make Money While Making a Difference

    July 26, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Culture

    Are you an idealist? You can be a realist at the same time by working for a company dedicated to helping the environment. is a jobsearch site geared towards nonprofit organizations and people who want to work for them. A quick search on jobs

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    NYPIRG: Student Activism at Its Finest

    July 26, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Culture

    We love hearing about students getting interested in activism, especially when it's environmental activism. The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) is one of the more venerable student-run activist organizations in addition to being New York


    Textile Expo Houses a Growing Eco-Friendly Contingent

    July 24, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Sustainable Fashion

    Earlier this month, a Treehugger delegation set out to investigate Premiere Vision New York, the slimmed-down U.S. version of the enormous textile and clothing expo held every year in Paris. We had hoped to see some new eco-friendly fabrics, but were

  • Cash_Drawer_Photo.jpg

    Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

    July 19, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Culture

    From Clamor Magazine's blog Everyday Revolution comes the news that Wainwright Bank is offering a one-of-a-kind Certificate of Deposit (CD) that benefits Equal Exchange, a venerable worker-owned fair trade company. The money that you invest in the CD is

  • KarenMoss.jpg

    Art to Save the Planet

    July 18, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Culture

    NYC artist Flash Light tells us that the "2D-D-Detritus" exhibit, the latest installment of the Art from Detritus series, has been extended through July 23rd. To be eligible for inclusion in Art from Detritus shows, artwork must be made primarily from

  • smog.jpg

    NYC Needs Leadership to Combat Pollution and Waste

    July 17, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Green Food

    Our pals at the fledgling neighborhood eco-group Upper Green Side are making a name for themselves with long, impassioned posts to their blog. The latest is a plea for leadership from the New York City government. noise, air, and water pollution, as

  • cattleranching.jpg

    Grass Banks: Sustainability or Stopgap?

    July 12, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Economics

    Today's New York Times introduces us to the concept of grass banks, a brainchild of the Nature Conservancy. The Conservancy offers use of their land for cattle grazing in exchange for ranchers adopting sustainable grazing practices and taking steps to

  • reallyfreemarket.jpg

    Really Really Free Market Next Weekend

    July 11, 6:27 AM by Rose Fox in Culture

    "Because there is enough for everyone. Because sharing is more fulfilling than owning. Because corporations would rather the landfills overflow than anyone get anything for free. Because scarcity is a myth constructed to keep us at the mercy of the

  • mural

    Mural Gives Old Boxes New Life

    July 10, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Sustainable Product Design

    We were delighted to see this post from our friends at Gothamist, noting a lovely mural made of recycled boxes posted on a Brooklyn wall. Local artist Fred Bendheim designed and assembled it with the help of second graders at the Berkeley Carroll

  • 03-0011.jpg

    Disposing of Dim Bulbs

    July 5, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Interior Design

    Treehugger loves compact fluorescent bulbs: they use very little energy, give off very little waste heat (those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying being able to leave the lights on in the summer swelter), and last for years. Like all

  • macy_fireworks_white_big.jpg

    The Prettiest Pollutants

    July 4, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Natural Sciences

    For many Americans, the 4th of July wouldn't be complete without fireworks. Macy's puts on a huge spectacle in New York City—they proudly proclaim their use of "55 times more fireworks than the average show in the United States"—and in any

  • cmrcinvite.jpg

    Moby Headlines Benefit for East River Conservation

    July 3, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Culture

    Yes, you read that price tag correctly. The folks at the Coastal Marine Resource Center of New York, or CMRC, are very serious about their work on coastal conservation and public waterfront access, and they're proving that they have what it takes to

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    Send Love, Not Paper

    June 28, 7:00 AM by Rose Fox in Sustainable Product Design

    Artist Janet Chui wanted an alternative to paper cards and was tired of e-card sites full of pop-ups and flashy ads, so she took matters into her own hands. The result is BlueGreenPlanet, a completely free site supported by donations--not ads--that takes

  • ugs.jpg

    From Snobbery to Shrubbery

    June 28, 6:30 AM by Rose Fox in Sustainable Product Design

    Manhattan's Upper East Side is better known for fur coats and doormen than for crunchy granola and waste reduction. Upper Green Side, a nonprofit group launched in February, aims to change that. They're fierce advocates for cyclists, farmer's markets,


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