Ramon Gonzalez

Ramon Gonzalez

Writer / Chicago, IL

Ramon is the original urban garden blogging male espousing a DIY philosophy to gardening and garden projects.

Better known online as MrBrownThumb, he’s been demystifying gardening secrets for average gardeners online since 2005. Besides writing the popular MrBrownThumb garden blog he’s co-founder of @SeedChat on Twitter, the creative director of One Seed Chicago, and founder of the Chicago Seed Library.

Whether it’s saving and growing your own plants from heirloom seeds, digging a garden, or trying to lead a life that is more harmonious with nature; he believes we can all do it-and it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

Besides writing for himself Ramon has been published in Lawn & Garden Retailer Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and writes Chicago Garden, a garden blog on The Chicago Tribune’s ChicagoNow website. In addition to his writings his photographs have been featured in publications like In These Times and Northern Gardener Magazine.

Oh, and what’s with the pseudonym? He believes that nobody really has a "black" or "green" thumb. Everyone kills plants -- the trick is finding the plants you don’t.

You can connect with him through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Google+ where you can ask him pertinent gardening questions, leave him a story idea or learn where he'll be speaking about urban gardening and events he's involved with.

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