Neil Chambers

Neil Chambers

Contributing Writer, Design / New York, NY

Neil Chambers is an award-winning green designer and founder of Chambers Design, Inc and Green Ground Zero. He was named one of 50 Most Beautiful People Saving the World. In July 2011, his first book came out entitled Urban Green: Architecture for the Future, published by Palgrave|MacMillian, which reached #1 on the Amazon Kindle eBooks list for Land-Use and Urban Planning books. Passionate about cities, buildings, healthcare, habitat, infrastructure, biodiversity and ecosystems, his professional work drives to interconnect these areas into what he calls ecomimicry. He is a National fellow with the Environmental Leadership Program and has taught at New York University as well as the Fashion Institute of Technology. During his national book tour, he visited more than 20 universities throughout the southeast, west coast and northeast of the United States. He has been featured in Architectural Record, Guernica Magazine, Eco_Design Magazine, Civil Engineering, Vogue Italia, BBC News, Fox News,, the Economist and other media outlets. When not designing green hospitals, restoring habitat, writing for or lecturing about the future of sustainability, Neil loves to run, swim, bike and hang out with his wife Lucy and son Thunder.

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  • the_11th_hour-kk-001.jpg

    Weekend Movies in Review: Superbad and The 11th Hour

    August 21, 3:28 PM by Neil Chambers in Culture

    So if you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting as patiently as you could for Aug 17. Last Friday was the opening weekend for two highly anticipated films: Superbad starring Jonah Hill, Michael Cera & Seth Rogen, and The 11th Hour directed by

  • lindalouder-neil-001.jpg

    Loudermilk Men - Clothing for the Urban Man

    August 17, 10:13 AM by Neil Chambers in Style

    When it comes to fashion, girls have all the fun! There're 50 selections for a woman with any comparable item for a man. In the realm of eco-fashion, the opportunity for a guy to both achieve a look of refinement while being earth-friendly has been

  • 11th-hour-j-logo101.jpg

    Interview with Leila Conners Petersen: co-director of The 11th Hour

    July 27, 4:21 PM by Neil Chambers in Culture

    I had the chance to meet Leila Conners Petersen, the co-founder and president of Tree Media Group. Leila, along with Nadia Conners, co-directed the soon-to-be-released documentary The 11th Hour which is narrated Leonardo DiCaprio. The 11th Hour

  • neilc-escape-sub-001.jpg

    Escape from Suburbia - The Movie

    July 6, 2:33 PM by Neil Chambers in Sustainable Product Design

    Escape from Suburbia is a rich interplay on the subtle relationships between the potential solutions each person faces as the demand for fossil fuels outstretches supply. With issues such as the energy crisis, neighborhood gardens and the collapse

  • neilc-dcsunny-0091.jpg

    Better Software = Better Green Buildings

    June 18, 4:42 PM by Neil Chambers in Sustainable Product Design

    Green design is more difficult that conventional design: The considerations within the design process has to go far beyond a gut-feeling about performance or the application of popular components such as green roofs or bamboo flooring. Energy

  • hk-beam-buildings-d-001.jpg

    Far East — Big Green

    June 7, 5:10 PM by Neil Chambers in Sustainable Product Design

    Mainland China may be getting all the attention for beginning to adopt green building as a standard in the country, but green building has been around in Hong Kong for over a decade. The Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method, or HK-BEAM

  • neilc-leed-001.jpg

    There Goes the Neighborhood

    May 29, 10:29 AM by Neil Chambers in Sustainable Product Design

    LEED-ND looks to "encourage smart growth and new urbanist best practices, promote the design of neighborhoods that reduce vehicle miles traveled and communities where jobs and services are accessible by foot or public transit".

  • nyu-banner-logo-01.jpg

    New York University Buys 118,000,000 kWh of Wind Power!

    October 6, 10:06 AM by Neil Chambers in Corporate Responsibility

    As an adjunct professor at New York University (NYU), it was amazing to hear that the university announced it would purchase 118,000,000 kWh of wind power. It will be the largest purchase of wind power by any U.S. college or university, according to

  • bengal-tiger-dd-01.jpg

    Fading Tiger, Climate Dragon

    September 27, 10:11 AM by Neil Chambers in Corporate Responsibility

    The Economist offered an in-depth survey about Climate Change (Sept 9th — 15th, 2006 issue). The 24-page report covers topics such as greenhouse gases, sea level change and ice melts with fantastic scientific quotes and new bits of information in

  • monterey book photo

    TreeHugger Welcomes Writer Neil Chambers

    August 5, 4:24 PM by Neil Chambers in About TreeHugger

    Neil Chambers is the CEO and Founder of Chambers Design, Inc, a design and consulting studio that focuses on green buildings, infrastructure, master planning and habitat restoration as well as a veteran of green design with more than 15 years experience.


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